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Mr Gs Memory Foam Mattress Review

Read reviews and took the chance on sight unseen mattress. Easy ordering and delivery, no problems there. Mattress is first rate and has helped with back pain problems from old mattress. Really happy.

Mrs Fs Memory Foam Mattress Review

Wanted a memory foam mattress and was ready to pay top dollar for one in store before I chanced on Ergoflex™ online. So glad we did – had it three months now and it’s the best. It is firm and did take a week or so to get into it, but sleep quality has improved so much. With the king size I can roll and not wake up my husband, but really now I’m not rolling as much despite being a restless sleeper. It was warm on the hottest nights here in the tropics, but using cotton bamboo sheets helps with this so not a problem.

Miss Ks Memory Foam Mattress Review

Great investment in yourself! No back or hip pains anymore, fantastic night’s sleep and I’m waking up feeling well-rested and ready to go. Excellent customer service and delivery.

Mrs Js Memory Foam Mattress Review

We love this mattress. We picked a memory foam because my husband has lower back pain, and it has really helped with that – he’s certainly not as grumpy. Worried it was too firm to begin with, but its so comfortable I’m reluctant to get out of bed most days. Online ordering was easy, delivery fine and customer service brilliant throughout.

Ms Ns Memory Foam Mattress Review

So happy! Had the Ergoflex™ a year now and have vowed to never buy another brand again. Was worried about purchasing without lying on the mattress at first, but went ahead and got it anyway. At the sale price I thought it’d be ok for the spare bedroom if I didn’t like it, but after one night there was no way I wasn’t keeping it for myself. No back pain, no partner disturbance from rolling, and the right level of firmness. Recommended to everyone!

Mr Ps Memory Foam Mattress Review

Tried loads of mattress in stores before deciding on this one. Lots of great ones out there, no doubt, but too expensive for me. I think this one is worth the money. Initially had a bit of a smell but didn’t bother me. Not too hot or sweaty. Good sleep and no back pain.

Mrs Bs Memory Foam Mattress Review

Just amazing. Had the Ergoflex™ three weeks now, great sleep every night. Then I had to spend a week away and the hotel mattress has been killing me. Couldn’t wait to get back to my Ergoflex™. Too good.

Mrs Ks Memory Foam Mattress Review

Quite sceptical about making such an important buy without trying it first, but I was reassured by the helpful customer service team, who answered all of my questions and were so knowledgeable. Such a simple process to buy online, and I’m very happy with the mattress. Main thing for me, besides comfort of course, was helping my aching lower back and stopping me rolling into the middle of the bed every time my husband moves on his side – and it’s solved all of those problems brilliantly.

Mrs Ls Memory Foam Mattress Review

Tried various other memory foam mattresses before deciding on Ergoflex™, as it was our first non-spring mattress it was quite a leap into the unknown. Took a few nights to adjust, but I can honestly say that I’ve slept better than ever on it.

Mr Ws Memory Foam Mattress Review

It sounds odd to say but we were initially put off by the low price of this mattress, wondering how good it could actually be. However we trusted the reviews and got the mattress with no problems at all. Another concern we had was the potential warmth, but this hasn’t been an issue at all even in the record summer. It’s really comfortable, much better than our old bed, and after using it for six months we’ll never go back to the other type of mattress.

Mrs Ks Memory Foam Mattress Review

I’d wanted a memory foam mattress for a long time, and had decided to get a cheap one before I came across the Ergoflex™ website. It was slightly more expensive than I’d originally wanted to pay but I’m glad I went for it in the end. The smell that has been mentioned is there, but goes quickly and I was sleeping soundly on the first night. It molds to your body and feels sooo comfortable! If you can afford this I’d definitely recommend it.

Mr Ds Memory Foam Mattress Review

A friend enthusiastically recommended Ergoflex™ to us when we said we were looking at Tempurs. Ergoflex™ is the right price – especially when on sale – and we think it does the job of the more expensive alternatives that we’d tested in store. If you’ve got any doubts about this then just take the chance – you won’t regret it.

Mr Is Memory Foam Mattress Review

The customer service is fantastic, I called to enquire about delivery charges and the very helpful call-handler answered everything I needed, along with some further questions about the technical side of the mattress. Once it was delivered the experience was even better, with every one of the claims being true for me – yes I’m having the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years, my back pain is alleviated both during the night and when waking up, and I’m not tossing and turning to find a comfortable position.

Mr Os Memory Foam Mattress Review

As others seem to have done, I tried a Tempur in a store and was blown away by how supportive and comfortable it was, but also blown away by the price on the ticket, which firmly put it out of my budget. So it was then a case of trying to find the next best thing, and I soon arrived on the Ergoflex™ website. Looking in detail at the construction and materials I was convinced that it offered the same qualities as the Tempur equivalent, and in some areas a better quality. I’ve now had the mattress for two week and can say that it’s been better than I expected. It did actually take a good few nights to get used to the sensation of the memory foam, having had spring mattresses my entire life, but once it ‘clicked’ I haven’t looked back. Continuous nights of solid sleep, no restlessness at all. The depth and density of the mattress is just perfect for me, and I’m actually looking forward to going to bed now, it’s that good.

Mr Ls Memory Foam Mattress Review

We’d tried a foam mattress in the past, and after a few years of great sleep it started to wear and so we needed to find a new one, this time from a different brand. We arrived at Ergoflex™ after researching online, and thought that if it did even half the things that it claimed to do we’d be happy. Well – turns out it does everything that is claimed, and after two nights on the Ergoflex™ we were extremely happy, not to mention well-rested and relaxed. 

Miss Fs Memory Foam Mattress Review

Very supportive and so comfortable. A few months into owning this mattress now and it is awesome. Delivery was quick and easy, and overall it was great value for money. Stats from an iPhone app that traces my sleep quality are showing near to 100%! My housemates are all envious and want one.

Mrs Ks Memory Foam Mattress Review

Love the Ergoflex™ memory foam mattress, thanks for the amazing sleep! I was cautious before buying for two reasons, one that it would be such a big change from the mattress I was used to, and two that despite the value price against competitors it was actually more than I’ve ever considered spending on a mattress before. Now I’ve had it a year I’d happily pay double. No more back ache and great sleep every night. Recommended to anyone.

Mr Qs Memory Foam Mattress Review

Very good memory foam mattress. Thought it was a risk buying without seeing it, but what a great risk that paid off! From the first night onwards it was brilliant and we’ve slept soundly since then. I am a hot sleeper and haven’t found it much warmer than my old mattress.

Mrs Ds memory foam mattress review

Used to have a latex and foam mattress so we were used to more softness, but after a while we’ve found the Ergoflex™ to provide a better support being a bit more firm – also it has given us great sleep from the start. It’s a treat and we love it.

Mrs Js memory foam mattress review

I was turned on to memory foam mattresses after staying at my son’s house, and slept like a log the entire time I was there and more importantly didn’t have back pain, which was rare for me. First morning back on my usual mattress at home and I was all aches and pains again, so decided I needed to invest in a memory foam one. After a lot of research online I decided to go for the Ergoflex™, based on the price and comparison to Tempur (which was out of my price range). Slightly apprehensive ordering a product that I hadn’t seen before, but there were no issues whatsoever and the communication with the company was first class. I asked a question about my particular bed base and it was answered within five minutes by a helpful specialist. Once arrived and opened the smell was evident but very slight and had actually gone away by the time I was ready for bed that night. I sleep very soundly on this and have found my back pain has certainly been alleviated.

Mr Bs memory foam mattress review

Very sceptical about ordering online, but my previous mattress (inner spring) had been trialled and tested thoroughly in store and it still ended up killing me, so maybe it’s not such a big deal. Six months in and it’s great. May be too firm for some but perfect for me. 

Mr Ms memory foam mattress review

I slept on a memory foam mattress when staying in a hotel and decided to buy one for myself when the time came. They might not be for everyone but they are for me, since I got it it’s been the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. Not one bad night, no aches and pains.

Mrs Fs memory foam mattress review

Honestly wasn’t expecting this mattress to be as good as the Tempur due to the price, but took the risk as we couldn’t afford the $4000 price tag. Decided we needed a memory foam due to pains in shoulders and hips from our old spring mattress, and its certainly helped with that. Neither me or my husband have felt that its too hot, but we’re both slim and aren’t particularly warm sleepers.

Mr Rs memory foam mattress review

Bought for our guest bed and had been very impressive so far – everyone who has slept on it thinks it’s wonderfully supportive.

Mr Bs memory foam mattress review

Took the risk of buying online without trying first, but the website information and good reviews from other customers helped us make the decision. After a weird first night getting used to it we think it’s fantastic. Can’t believe it took us so long to upgrade to this. No more waking up feeling sore.

Mr Ps memory foam mattress review

Bought three mattresses and protectors after researching the memory foam mattress market thoroughly, and accepting that we couldn’t afford the expensive ones in shops. Saw Ergoflex™ online and read up on the benefits, decided to give them a go. Enjoying our sleeps on these mattresses and looking forward to more!

Mr Bs memory foam mattress review

Very positive experience with Ergoflex™ as a company and with their product. Mattress is comfortable and does everything that is claimed on the website. Three months in and no complaints whatsoever. Also saved over a thousand dollars on an in-store equivalent. Worth it.

Mr Ss memory foam mattress review

Sleeping great on this mattress since we got it three months ago. It is hot during summer but not excessive, and we use a wool underlay which mitigates the warmth. Comfort and support are excellent, and it has stopped tossing and turning to get to sleep.

Mr Bs memory foam mattress review

Definitely unsure to begin with about the fact that it was from the internet, and also sceptical of the number of reviews but after speaking on the phone to Ergoflex™ we were reassured by the fact they weren’t pushy. Been sleeping on the mattress for 6 weeks now and love it. The sensation of memory foam took a few nights to get used to since we’d never had one before. Also the smell –which was warned about – when opened was a worry but disappeared as expected. Quite a firm mattress but exactly what we need. Very pleased and would highly recommend.


Mr Ns memory foam mattress review

Very comfortable and lets me have uninterrupted sleep every night. Firm feeling but conforms to your body shape, making it a really supported and natural position whichever way you lie.


Mr Hs memory foam mattress review

Delivered on time as promised, unfurled itself and took its shape when unpacked. Feels excellent and I’ve had good sleep since day one. Was worried about temperature but no issues at all. I am a back pain sufferer, and although I still feel twinges it has improved things massively from my previous mattress. Great customer service too.


Mrs Ws memory foam mattress review

We had a Tempur in the UK before moving here and I was looking to get a similar mattress without paying top dollar. Found Ergoflex™ and researched into the materials and performance. So much cheaper and same quality, if not better. Would definitely buy again.

Ms Ks memory foam mattress review

Best investment I’ve ever made. Improved my sleep no end, and aches and pains have gone from my hip. Very minor odour on opening – as I’d been warned – but I just put the fan on in the room and by the time the bed was made for sleep that night it had all but gone. Customer service and delivery good too.


Mr Cs memory foam mattress review

Never normally bother writing reviews of things I buy, but just had to for this mattress. We actually purchased it on the back of reading other reviews, and I’m so glad people have take the time to say how good this mattress is. I’ve had the best sleep on it that I can remember, and while I used to have a sore back and neck I don’t anymore.

Mr Ps memory foam mattress review

We researched a lot before choosing this mattress, and it was the Tempur comparison and the relatively inexpensive price that helped us decide. Perfect firmness and comfort, and we both feel very refreshed after sleeping on it. It’s very heavy when it’s unpacked though, so don’t open it in a room other than the bedroom. Feels heavier than our old mattress, maybe because it is high density.

Mr Js memory foam mattress review

Great quality mattress, may be too firm for some but is good for me as a back pain sufferer. It took a night to get used to the feel of it, but after waking up feeling ready to go I acknowledged that it’d done something very special indeed.

Mr Ss memory foam mattress review

I was looking at memory foam mattresses as I’ve had lower back problems for a number of years, and wanted a different feel from my latex mattress which had run its course after five years. I chose the Ergoflex™ over Tempur based on the price – around a third of the cost. I’ve been using the Ergoflex™ for seven nights now and am impressed. There was a smell when I opened it but this went away quite quickly. I’d buy another Ergoflex™ right away if I was looking for a mattress.

Mrs Ws memory foam mattress review

We’ve had the Ergoflex™ memory foam mattress for about a year now and I’m loving it. I sleep much better than previously and wake up feeling energised. Good product and reasonable price. I’ve recommended it to others over the year.

Mr Bs memory foam mattress review

Worries about buying before trying were sorted by speaking to the helpful sales team, who explained about returns policies. No need at all for a return though, as me and my wife loved from the start. It is firm, but we prefer this. Great value too.

Mr Ds memory foam mattress review

We were concerned about buying from the internet without trying however once we heard that these mattresses could help with back pain we were sold. After fifteen years of rugby playing I’ve developed a back and neck pain, and haven’t had much success with finding a mattress that suitably eased this. After three weeks with the Ergoflex™ I can say it’s helped massively, no longer waking up with aches and pains, and weirdly am waking up in the morning in the same position that I went to sleep in.

Mr Bs memory foam mattress review

Had the mattress for six months and it’s been great. Excellent value too when it is on sale.

Miss Ks memory foam mattress review

Effortless online ordering, and the mattress arrived exactly when we requested it to. Took a few days to get used to the different feel of the mattress, having only ever previously slept on spring types, but once you get used to it it’s a massive improvement. Helped with my sciatica, and improved on my sleep quality. We did try other memory foam mattresses in stores to get an idea of what it was, and the Ergoflex™ compares very well with the more expensive ones.

Mrs Os memory foam mattress review

Very sceptical to buy before trying, but spoke to a very knowledgeable customer service representative who clearly answered all my questions I made the purchase. What a fantastic mattress. Ordered online and delivered on the day of my choice. I wanted a mattress primarily to prevent partner disturbance from rolling, and it does this perfectly. No more aches and pains either, which is a great benefit. We’ll never go back to springs. So impressed.

Miss Ws memory foam mattress review

Saved hundreds on this mattress, and it really does compare well to a Tempur. Once I’d slept on a Tempur I basically began wondering how I’d ever be able to afford one – because I had to have it. I found the Ergoflex™ searching online, and am glad I did because it’s just as good, but far less expensive. I’ve had it a year now, and it has provided nightly comfort – I look forward to it. It just hugs you and you’re immediately comfortable.

Mrs Gs memory foam mattress review

Wasn’t sure what to expect with not being able to test it, and wasn’t very sure about the other reviews. I’ve had it a month now though and am completely satisfied with it. Good price and easy delivery.

Mr Cs memory foam mattress review

A dream-like experience! I’ll never go back to a spring mattress. Much cheaper than my old mattress and better for my back. I was a light sleeper but this has solved the problem of waking up early.

Ms Ms memory foam mattress review

Absolutely sensational mattress. I was worried a little about buying such a pricey item without even seeing it, but I couldn’t be more delighted with the purchase. No hassles with ordering and delivery.

Mr Ss memory foam mattress review

I tried a Tempur mattress in a store – I was so impressed with the feeling of memory foam and was immediately sold, but the massive price tag put me off buying that particular brand. I found Ergoflex™ after some internet research and took the plunge of ordering online, as it was supposedly comparable to Tempur. The mattress is incredibly comfortable and has helped with my back pain. I think the sensation of memory foam will be something of an acquired taste and won’t be for everyone, but it is for me.

Mrs Fs memory foam mattress review

We’ve had this mattress since December and have had the best sleep ever since then. Definitely apprehensive about the idea of ordering without trying, and was close a few times to shelling out the extra money for the Tempur that we’d tried in a shop, but we’re thrilled we made the decision to do so. Took a week to get used to the firm feel, but once we got used to it this mattress has been wonderful. It did get a little warm on the hottest nights of the summer (here in the Tropics) but we use organic cotton bamboo sheets and its helped loads.

Mr Hs memory foam mattress review

Bought after testing a friend’s, and agreed it felt great. Easy ordering online and delivery was on time. Me and my wife both had bad backs on our old mattress, but no problems with this. Overall really happy with this first rate mattress.

Mr Es memory foam mattress review

Delivered on-time and almost magically inflated once opened. Feels great and give a great night’s sleep. No problems with the temperature, and the mattress has helped reduce my back pain, much better than it used to be. Customer service was great too.

Mrs Ls Memory Foam Mattress Review

I think this mattress is amazing, and it’s consigned my back pain to the past. I’m sleeping like a baby now. While I was sceptical in replacing a $2000 mattress but it’s better, and I’ve recommended it to anyone who will listen! The buying process was easy too.

Mr Ss Memory Foam Mattress Review

Having has the Ergoflex™ for four nights I’m sleeping well and am very comfortable.

Mr Vs Memory Foam Mattress Review

I recommend this mattress to anyone looking to upgrade. Although you can try it before buying it’s worth going into some bed stores and checking out memory foam – it’s not for everyone but if you like it then you’ll not find anything better for this price.

Mr Es Memory Foam Mattress Review

It took me over three months to decide on this mattress, and I was ultimately swayed by the amount of positive reviews online as well as the price. I researched the purchase so much because I suffer from back pain that forces me to see a therapist once a month to correct my posture. So a mattress is an important decision for me. My previous spring mattress, despite being two years old, wasn’t providing the support and comfort that my condition needs, so I started looking into memory foam as an alternative. While I was very reluctant to shell out $1k on something I hadn’t previously seen before, the research lead me to believe that the Ergoflex™ was the right choice for me. From the initial unwrapping to the actual sleep on it, it has been a great experience. The level of support is perfect for me. The smell was evident on first opening, but after airing out for a few hours it wasn’t noticeable – it wasn’t particularly offensive even at first. The customer service was excellent, with clear and courteous communication throughout the purchase process.

Mr Js Memory Foam Mattress Review

Ordered online and received within two days, we chose Ergoflex™ because of my wife’s back pain. One month in and we haven’t had any issues! It’s great value for money and very comfortable.

Miss Hs Memory Foam Mattress Review

We’ve had our Ergoflex™ queen size mattress for four months and we’re loving it. Must admit it took a few nights to get used to, but it’s been great since then and has actually got better over time. Recommended for anyone who likes a firm but supportive, comfortable mattress. It does shape around your body and moves with you.

Mr Hs Memory Foam Mattress Review

Delivered on time and unfolded out of its packaging, this mattress feels great and we’ve slept well on it. Temperature has been fine even on hot summer nights. Still have back pain but its definitely eased since using this mattress. Excellent customer service.


Mr Fs Memory Foam Mattress Review

Had mattress for eight months now and haven’t looked back. Recommended it to friends as well. Delivery was within the week, no issue with the smell on opening it (it went within a few days) and it hasn’t been too warm. Fantastic price.


Mr Cs Memory Foam Mattress Review

After some initial reservations that it might be too firm on the first night, I can report that this mattress is actually the most comfortable I’ve ever slept on.

Miss Ks Memory Foam Mattress Review

Very sceptical about purchasing online without testing first. Smell was there to begin with but went away in approximately 48 hours. Once we adjusted to the memory foam we’ve been sleeping a lot better on the Ergoflex™. My partner’s back pain, which has had surgery, has also been better since we got this mattress. Happy with the purchase.

Mrs Ws Memory Foam Mattress Review

Previously owned a Tempur when we were living in the UK and wanted a similar mattress here in Australia. Researched the market and decided on Ergoflex™ based on the materials and density, not to mention the price. Quality is the same if not better, and we’ll be buying Ergoflex™ again.

Mrs Ks Memory Foam Mattress Review

Great investment, and we’re really happy with the quality of sleep. Unpacked and set it on the bed base myself, and the odour on opening was gone after a while as I aired it out. Excellent customer service and delivery too.

Mr Ds Memory Foam Mattress Review

The Ergoflex™ has been excellent for my wife’s lower back pain and I’ve found that it supports my entire body. It does feel quite firm but becomes slightly softer as you lie on in and find a comfortable position. It is absolutely silent when you move on it, and you can feel your partner moving either which is great. We loved this so much we bought a single for our son, who also loves it.


Miss Ds Memory Foam Mattress Review

We’ve now had our Ergoflex™ for three months and we’re very happy with it. We’ve never made a purchase like this online without trying the product first, but we’re so glad we took that chance. The smell was strong for a day or two but disappeared completely after that point – besides that we’ve had no problems at all, and wake up feeling great every day.

Mr Rs Memory Foam Mattress Review

We bought this mattress on a friends recommendation, and we also tempted by the low sale price. My wife loved it immediately, it took me a little longer maybe a couple of weeks, but now I’m sleeping like a baby.

Mr Ts Ergoflex™ Memory Foam Mattress Review

I did a lot of research online before choosing my new mattress, and was won over by the many positive customer reviews for Ergoflex™. I was certainly hesitant to buy unseen on the net, but I took the plunge when the sale was on. It’s the best mattress I’ve ever owned, and both me and my wife look forward to bed every night. Took a couple of days to get used to, but after that point we’ve never looked back.

Ms Ls Ergoflex™ Memory Foam Mattress Review

I’ve been able to sleep deeper with this mattress because I’m not shifting around in the night to get comfortable. It’s also helped my back and shoulders Amazing customer service too, with questions answered in a timely fashion before and after I made the purchase.


Mrs Rs Ergoflex™ Memory Foam Mattress Review

Bit firmer than the other memory foam mattress that we tried in a store, but extremely comfortable and supportive. We had been wary of the opening smell that some reviews had highlighted, but this wasn’t bad at all and left after a few days.

Enjoying it more than a spring mattress. You can’t feel your partner’s movements at all which means you get a much more relaxed sleep, even if they get up and come back to the bed in the night.

Mrs V's Ergoflex™ Memory Foam Mattress Review

Originally purchased a King size as our main bed, and loved it. Turned out our two little boys loved it as well so we ended up buying them a couple! Great mattresses and great customer service. Thanks.

Mrs D's Ergoflex™ Memory Foam Mattress Review

My husband and I both suffer from various back problems that come and go, so we were particularly diligent when the time came to replace our mattress. We investigated various mattress types and settled on the idea of memory foam, and were interested by Ergoflex™ due to the number of hugely positive customer reviews online. We were both unsure of how wise it would be to purchase a mattress sight unseen, but took the chance in this case. The positives are that it is a fantastic mattress, extremely comfortable, good for our back pain and eliminates disturbance from your partner moving during the night. It really has improved our sleep quality. The minor negatives, which are temporary, is that it is extremely heavy to move once it is out of the box, and the initial smell is rather strong, but this did dissipate after a week or so. Overall recommended.

Mrs J's Ergoflex™ Memory Foam Mattress Review

I wasn’t keen on buying a bed online but can safely say this mattress has been one of my better purchases. Great communication with the customer service team helped me choose the right mattress – I’d explained that my husband tends to roll around and wake me up – so a large King was recommended. Excellent price, quick delivery and incredible comfort. Can’t imagine sleeping on anything other than an Ergoflex™ mattress now.

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