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Ergoflex HD Memory Foam Pillow


Enjoy the complete Ergoflex™ experience with the all-new Ergoflex™ HD Pillow. Featuring a fully-moulded core developed with the same true high-density visco-elastic memory foam used in the Ergoflex™ 5G mattress, the Ergoflex™ HD Pillow delivers perfect ergonomic posture support for your head and neck. Our memory foam pillow shapes around you for immediate pressure-relief and instant comfort that lasts the entire night, every night.

Qualities of our memory foam pillow:

  • True High-Density Visco-Elastic Memory Foam
  • Rated firm for excellent posture support
  • TENCEL® cover
  • Fits standard pillow cases
  • Two Year Guarantee
  • Dimensions: 45cm x 65cm x 12cm

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High density memory foam

High Density

Proprietary ACPT™
Memory Foam




Firmness - 4/5

Rated Firm

For Perfect Support and comfort

Protective inner cover

Inner Cover

For Lasting Performance

Always Ready for Sleep

With the fully-moulded memory foam core of the Ergoflex™ HD pillow you can say goodbye to nightly ‘pillow plumping’, the problem that blights feather, down and micro-fill pillows over time. The smart high-density visco-elastic core also eliminates the problem of pillow filling shifting and settling in different areas and failing to deliver comfort.

Wherever you lay your head you’re assured of perfect support, and whenever you’re ready for sleep, your Ergoflex™ HD pillow is too – no plumping required, ever.

Our Memory Foam Pillow provides head and neck support to alleviate neck pain

By using the same proprietary high-density memory foam that we have in our class-leading memory foam mattress, we’ve ensured that the Ergoflex™ HD Pillow delivers that same signature cradling, weightlessness and pressure-relieving support known all over the world.

Our memory foam pillow works by gently shaping to provide comfort and support to your head and neck, while avoiding the ‘sinking feeling’ of softer, low-density alternatives. The memory foam provides firm support as it softly cradles your head and neck to alleviate pain.

Our Memory Foam Pillow provides head and neck support to alleviate neck pain

Luxurious TENCEL™ Pillow Cover for optimal comfort

Just like the Ergoflex™ 5G Memory Foam Mattress, the Ergoflex™ HD Pillow has a luxurious TENCEL™ cover. TENCEL™ is an all-natural material with a cellular fibre construction that delivers high-performance breathability and comfort – making it the perfect match for the Ergoflex™ sleep experience. The TENCEL™ cover is also removable and washable, for lasting hygiene.

A supportive pillow for a great night's sleep

The pillow is often an afterthought when it comes to home bedroom accessories, but it plays a crucial role in both sleep quality and daily wellbeing. A poor pillow can not only ruin an otherwise good night’s sleep, but it can create muscular tension that lasts long into the day. By choosing the Ergoflex™ HD Memory Foam Pillow, you’re investing in a top of the range choice that won’t let you down. It’s the perfect finishing touch for a peaceful, rejuvenating and energising sleep.

A supportive pillow for a great night's sleep

Are memory foam pillows good for allergies?

Yes! Memory foam pillows are ideal for people who suffer from allergies. Just like spring mattresses, many types of pillows are notorious for their potential to collect all kinds of unpleasant deposits – from dead skin cells and bodily oils to dust mites and bacteria. Over time this creates a distinctly unhygienic environment, certainly not somewhere you want to be for eight hours a night.

However, memory foam mattress pillows resist foreign bodies such as dust mites to provide a good night's sleep to allergy sufferers.

Our Ergoflex HD Memory Foam Pillow is Hygienic & Anti-allergenic

The Ergoflex™ HD Memory Foam Pillow is designed to be ideal for allergy sufferers . The solid high-density visco-elastic core prevents and eliminates foreign object build-up, while the material itself is naturally anti-allergenic and anti-microbial. This results in a beautifully healthy and hygienic pillow, with no hidden surprises.

Healthy, Hygienic & Anti-allergenic

Can I wash the Ergoflex™ HD Pillow?

No, but the TENCEL® cover is fully removeable, washable and can be tumble dried at low heat.

Does the Ergoflex™ HD Pillow come with a warranty?

Yes, the pillow is warranted for two years against the unlikely occurrence of material and workmanship problems.

Is the Ergoflex™ HD Pillow best for back, side or front sleepers?

The pressure-relieving shaping of the visco-elastic memory foam means that the pillow will comfortably adapt to every sleeping position.

There’s only one type of Ergoflex™ HD Pillow – is it right for me?

We’ve developed the Ergoflex HD Pillow to provide optimum pressure-relieving support, and we know from over a decade of experience in the industry that it represents the best performance for the most varied number of people. However, we appreciate that pillows can be a particularly subjective issue. If you prefer a firm or medium/firm pillow and like the feel of support then you’ll love the Ergoflex® HD Pillow. If you prefer a soft pillow and minimal support then we wouldn’t recommend it.

What is the firmness level of the Ergoflex™ HD Pillow?

Firm. As with all high-density visco-elastic memory foam products the firmness level of the pillow may feel more pronounced during the first few nights of use, before it settles to its consistent firmness level. This is a completely normal performance trait of the material, and effectively represents a ‘breaking in’ period.

What is the returns policy on the Ergoflex HD Pillow?

Returns period is 14 days from purchase, unfortunately we cannot offer free returns on this item.

Why should I choose the Ergoflex™ HD Pillow when there are so many alternatives?

There are a lot of cheap pillows, made with low quality materials and workmanship. Choosing such pillows creates a false economy where you’re forced to replace them regularly, while getting a poor sleep experience in the meantime. At the other end of the scale there are many brands promising the ‘world’s most comfortable’ pillow, usually at a high price point. Many pillows from today’s heavily-marketed mattress brands are little more than gimmicks, and none contain the quality of materials of the Ergoflex HD Pillow. In short, if you value your sleep quality then it’s vital to invest in the right pillow, and we believe the Ergoflex HD Pillow is the right choice for ensuring premium performance and support.

Free Mattress Returns not Applicable to all Locations.

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