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10 Year Guarantee

Better quality, lasts longer. Our confident warranty period guarantees peace of mind.

Ergoflex is the original mattress-in-a-box brand, launching in the UK back in 2006.

You can trust our brand. We’re the only mattress-in-a-box brand with more than a decade of history, and we’ve been available in Australia since 2010.

Our mattress materials and performance quality are simply unmatched.

We use the best materials to give you the best sleep experience. No competitors in this price range come close, and Tempur (Contour Supreme) remains the only true like-for-like comparison.

We’ve been awarded Which? Best Buy 2018 in the UK

Our mattress has earned acclaim from the experts. The UK’s most prestigious independent consumer body rated the Ergoflex 5G as a Best Buy for June 2018, commending the support, quality and durability of the mattress.

Our 10-year warranty is tried and trusted

We know our mattress lives up to our 10-year warranty because it has, in the real world. Besides Ergoflex, no other mattress-in-a-box brand – anywhere in the world – has been around longer then their warranty period.

Thousands of our 5-star reviews are from long-term customers

An important part of any mattress is how long it lasts. We know ours lasts the distance. Most of our reviews are from those who have had their mattress several years, giving a true representation of Ergoflex’s ongoing durability and performance. Many competitor brands request customer feedback after just a few days, resulting in an unrealistic amount of positive reviews.

The pressure-relieving posture support of Ergoflex is renowned for alleviating back issues, and we’re recommended by The Back Doctor.

Since 2006 we’ve received regular praise from customers suffering back conditions, who say Ergoflex has transformed their sleep quality. Dr Mark Craig, Australia’s Back Doctor, agrees and recommends Ergoflex mattresses as part of a recovery regime.

We’re the choice for elite athletes in Australia and the UK.

Ergoflex is great for everyone, but it has found a lot of fans in elite sporting circles. The outstanding support performance of Ergoflex is perfect for resting and rejuvenating those who push their bodies to the limit and demand more from their mattress, as our Olympian ambassadors can testify.

Our trial period really is risk-free, with no hidden charges.

With Ergoflex free returns means free returns, wherever you are in Australia.

We’ve been supporting families of domestic violence for eight years.

Our charity commitment helps the most vulnerable people in our society when they need it most urgently, and by buying from Ergoflex you’re directly contributing to this ongoing support.

High density memory foam mattress

High-Density 85kg/m³

Ergoflex™ Advanced Cellular Polymer Technology™. The logical continuation of memory foam performance engineering.

Cool-sleep airflow system

Cool-Sleep™ Airflow System

No need to lose your cool. Our integrated Cool-Sleep Airflow System™ takes care of this.

Medium firm memory foam mattress

Firmness - Medium/Firm

Clinically correct support for all.



OKEO-TEX® 100 Certified
Ideal for asthma & allergy sufferers.

Scandinavian Orthopedic memory foam mattress

Scandinavian Orthopedic

Design & composition for consistently excellent sleep.

5th Generation Memory Foam Mattress

5th Generation

The Next Generation of Ergoflex™ Proprietary Visco-Elastic Material, More Responsive Performance.

Hidden Depths. Not Hidden Surprises.

The high density visco-elastic memory foam top layer of the Ergoflex™ 5G is a generous 9cm deep, which results in improved comfort, better support and a mattress that lasts longer. It’s also nearly three times the depth of the top layers in mattresses from our heavily marketed competitors. We haven’t trimmed anything away to save on costs, and once you’ve experienced Ergoflex™ sleep we’re sure you’ll agree it was the right choice.

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Often Imitated. Never Bettered.

The Original. And Still the Best.

Ergoflex™ revolutionised the mattress industry with our inaugural launch into the UK domestic consumer market in 2006 and Australia in 2010 with a class-leading High Density Memory Foam Mattress at an affordable price. At the time, our online-only ‘direct to customer’ retail model completely disrupted the traditional mattress buying process, cutting out expensive middle-men and retail showrooms, and passing those considerable savings direct to our customers. Our one ‘perfect’ mattress, optimised with the highest-quality materials, was a world first – a business model that had never been seen in the consumer mattress industry prior. Moreover, our mattresses have always been compression-packed, vacuum sealed, rolled and delivered in a compact box for outstanding convenience.

So, it’s no surprise that our unique & innovative 10-year old approach has been imitated by so many other ‘start-up’ mattress brands arriving on the scene today, but you can be sure that Ergoflex™ was the original and remains the best.

Our ten-year guarantee is underpinned with confidence and the experience of a decade of success for the Ergoflex™ brand meaning that we know our mattresses stand up to our claims – we’ve done it, in real life, for over a decade. Ergoflex™, unlike many other brands that haven’t been around for long and use previous business ventures to give the impression of long standing credentials, Ergoflex has the genuine pedigree and experience that you can reliably trust over the long-term.

Our Story

Real People. Genuine Unfiltered Opinions.

We think the Ergoflex 5G is the best mattress of its kind available today, and we’re passionate about telling you exactly why. But we know that the most helpful information for those considering an Ergoflex comes from customers. Real people, just like you, who bought an Ergoflex for themselves then took the time to tell the world about their experience. Take a look at what customers are saying about Ergoflex on the leading independent consumer rating websites.

Feefo Gold Award

530 reviews

656 reviews

1050 reviews

Risk Free. Rest Easy.

With free next-day delivery, convenient boxed arrival and a 30-night no-obligation trial period and free returns if you decide it's not for you, we've made it easier than ever to try Ergoflex for yourself.

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