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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Ergoflex mattresses, ordering, delivery, customer services and aftercare.

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Why are Ergoflex customer reviews different?

Virtually all other online mattress-in-a-box companies in Australia ask their customers to write a product review within the first week of receiving their new mattress. We don’t believe that this is appropriate or a true reflection of quality or future longevity, simply because all new products often feel great the first week you use it. That is why you will find that virtually all online reviews for Ergoflex are written by customers who have had their mattress for several years and the mattress that they are sleeping on today feels as good as it did when they first received it. So much so they have purchased additional mattresses for their children or spare rooms and have recommended Ergoflex numerous times to friends and family.  In our opinion the reviews that we receive demonstrate the true quality of our product and the service that we deliver.

Why should I buy an Ergoflex mattress?

We truly believe our mattresses offer the best performance, quality, and value for money currently available in Australia. Here's why:

Comparison: there are many online retailers of memory foam mattresses that make it impossible to make a comparison between their mattress and others available in the marketplace. We think it's an important part of the buying process that you can visit your local bedding store and lay on a comparable mattress there. This is why we have put our memory foam mattress head to head with the TEMPUR mattress, recognised by all as the pioneer and market leader in the manufacturing of memory foam mattresses available in retail stores. For more detailed information please visit our Guide to Memory Foam.

Transparency: Some online retailers make it almost impossible to make a basic consumer comparison between different memory foam mattresses. They never inform you of actual the composition or density of materials used. Therefore you never know what you are actually getting for your money. At Ergoflex Australia we have tried to be as transparent and informative as possible. That's why our website is very detailed and you know the density rating of our memory foam. This is because we want you to be able to compare our mattress with that of TEMPUR.  

Quality: The Ergoflex memory foam mattress uses a luxury 9cm deep 5th generation high-density memory foam layer. Why is this important? It is clinically recognised that the higher the density of the memory foam layer, the better support the memory foam will provide and the longer it will last. Many manufacturers producing low-density variants will often make their memory foam feel firmer in an attempt to pass it off as high density. Inevitably the cell structure of mattresses with lower densities will break down much quicker and ultimately cause the memory foam to sag over a relatively short period of ownership and use. If you are comparing our mattress with that of another, please do compare the density rating so that you are buying like for like.

Longevity: Unlike any other online mattress brand in Australia we know our mattresses stand up to our claims – we’ve done it, in real life, for over a decade. We pioneered the 'mattress in a box' and ‘we only sell one perfect mattress’ in different sizes business model launching into the UK domestic consumer mattress market in 2006 and Australia in 2010. 

Value for Money: The Ergoflex with its demonstrably comparable high performance and composition delivers much better value for money than similar priced alternatives which are of a lesser quality.

Do you offer a trial period?

Yes, we do. We like to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase decision as your sleep is of vital importance to us. We were the first online mattress retailer in Australia to offer a trial period. The reason we offer a 30-day trial is that from our experince people can usually make up their mind about the suitability and comfort of their mattress within this period. We know that for the majority 60, 100 or even 120 nights is not needed for you to judge the appropriateness of your mattress. However, if you feel you would prefer more than 30 days to trial your mattress then by all means contact us directly and we would be more than happy to oblige.

Can I return my mattress if I do not like it?

Yes you can. We want you to be completely happy with your purchase, and appreciate that buying a mattress online is a big decision. That’s why we offer a 30-day home trial and free returns, so you can order your Ergoflex™ with complete peace of mind.

Returning a mattress is free from the following metropolitan locations: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, and Sydney, as well as the Central Coast, and the Gold Coast.

Unfortunately we’re not able to offer this service outside of metro areas and to regional NSW, regional VIC, regional SA, regional WA, the NT, regional QLD, regional TAS, outlying islands, Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Asia or Dubai. For returns from these areas, please contact us for details as the cost to return may well be very small.

The 30-day trial period starts from the day your mattress is delivered.

Should you have any hesitation about the suitability of your mattress we ask you to contact us at anytime during the 30-days. Your mattress does not have to be returned to us by day 30, you just need to instigate communication with us within this time.

We also request that you try your new mattress for the full 30 days before making a decision or returning.  A small number of people take a little more time than others to adapt to their new sleeping surface.

At the end of the 30-day trial period we discuss how you would like to proceed. Most of our customers adjust to their mattress during this time, but a small number choose to return. Indeed, some customers ask for an extension to their trial period and we are more than happy to oblige in this instance.

Should you choose to return your mattress, we manage the entire process.  All mattresses are collected and returned to our location within 7-14 business days. Upon receipt we refund the credit card you purchased with, within 24hrs.

How long have you been in Australia for?

We have been selling Ergoflex mattresses online in Australia since 2010. Before Ergoflex high quality memory foam mattresses were always out of budget and reach for many consumers. In May 2010, we saw an opportunity to launch in Australia the very first mattress-in-a-box concept. We believed that a quality product, an affordable price and an unprecedented level of hands-on service would forever change the mattress market in Australia. As pioneers of the ‘one perfect mattress’ we are proud of our achievements.

Indeed Ergoflex™ revolutionised the mattress industry in the UK launching there in 2006. It’s no surprise that our unique & innovative 10-year old approach has been imitated by so many other ‘start-up’ mattress brands arriving on the scene in Australia today.

Our ten-year guarantee is underpinned with confidence and the experience of a decade of success meaning that we know our mattresses stand up to our claims – we’ve done it, in real life, for over a decade. No other online mattress company anywhere in the world has.

Why do you not offer free delivery and free returns to all locations?

Many companies charge higher product prices to absorb delivery costs.  We like to be open and transparent with our pricing. We would prefer that you know the actual price of the product and associated fees. Essentially when companies provide free delivery the customer regardless of where they live is often paying the average of the maximum delivery cost in order for a company to absorb delivery costs in their prices. 

When we do offer free delivery specials you can be guaranteed that we are paying the delivery cost for you.

Similarly many companies charge higher prices to absorb potential return costs. This allows them to offer this service for free. Once again we prefer to keep our prices low so that everyone can benefit and not have to absorb another customer’s return fees.  The reason postage and handling is more expensive when returning one of our mattresses is because when the mattress is delivered to you it is delivered rolled and compressed in a box, and it is much cheaper to do so. When it is returned the mattress is full size and therefore costs more. If you are concerned about purchasing a mattress online the risk when purchasing from us is very low, essentially a potential return fee of between $150 and $250 depending upon where you live.

Is the Ergoflex mattress suitable for use in the Australian climate?

Yes they are. Since 2010 we have provided better sleep to thousands of customers the length and breadth of Australia. From Hobart to Cooktown, from Sydney to Perth, from Adelaide to Darwin and to hundreds of places in between.  

Ergoflex® memory foam mattresses have an open cell structure to allow air to circulate freely through their layers and are perfectly suitable for the Australian climate.

In addition to this, Ergoflex® memory foam mattresses contain a unique 'cool sleep' air flow system for increased comfort.

Does the Ergoflex mattress provide zero partner disturbance?

Yes it does. The Ergoflex mattress with its unsurpassed quality of memory foam has been providing restful and undisturbed night’s sleep to those that use it for over a decade.


Are your mattresses compression packed, rolled and boxed?

Yes. We were the first company ever to roll and box a mattress for customer convenience in Australia. We pioneered this approach in 2010 and are proud of the fact we changed and revolutionised the way people purchase mattresses in Australia. We roll and box all our mattresses to ensure we can be as competitively priced as possible and unnecessary transit costs are kept to a minimum. This also makes it considerably easier to manoeuvre the mattress up stairs, round tight corners and through doorways in the recipient's home. It in no way harms or damages the mattress.

For your convenience the sizes and weights of each carton are:
Single Mattress: 96cms x 37cms x 37cms, 24kgs
Long Single Mattress: 96cms x 37cms x 37cms, 25kgs
King Single Mattress: 110cms x 37cms x 37cms, 28kgs
Double Mattress: 141cms x 37cms x 37cms, 37kgs
Queen Mattress: 156cms x 37cms x 37cms, 39kgs
King Mattress: 186cms x 37cms x 37cms, 41kgs

What happens to those mattresses that are returned?

We respect those that choose to return their mattress as we know it’s not possible to produce a mattress that every single person in Australia will enjoy. On the rare occasion that someone does return a mattress this mattress is donated to women's refuges in the Hunter Valley and Newcastle area where we are located or donated to our charity of choice RizeUp to help victims of family and domestic violence. We’ve been donating mattresses in this way since 2010.


Are Ergoflex memory foam mattresses suitable for people with a bad back?

Yes, the Ergoflex® memory foam mattress moulds itself to the shape of your back - relieving pressure points and giving you a more comfortable nights sleep.

How can I be sure that Ergoflex memory foam mattresses are the best available?

We believe that Ergoflex® memory foam mattresses are the best value high quality memory foam mattresses. See our Ergoflex® Mattress versus Market Leader page for a direct comparison between the highest price equivalent.

I have not tried an Ergoflex memory foam mattress, so why should I buy one from a website?

The high quality composition of Ergoflex® memory foam mattresses mean that they are among the very best on the market and, combined with their outstanding price, represent what we believe to be the best value choice. We have made as much information as possible available on the website to help you come to a buying decision - see our Ergoflex® versus Market Leader page for more details. All Ergoflex® memory foam mattresses come with a *10-year guarantee and you are able to trial your mattress in your home for up to 30 nights. We believe this allows you to judge the suitability of your new mattress more so than laying on a mattress for 5 minutes in a retail store.

I need to know more about memory foam before making a purchase.

See our Ergoflex® versus Market Leader page for a full explanation of what memory foam is, how it works, how it can work for you, and how Ergoflex® compares favourably to the most expensive alternative available.

Are Ergoflex memory foam mattresses suitable for iron or pine bed frames?

Yes - Ergoflex® memory foam mattresses can be safely used with all types of bed, even adjustable electrics or divans. We would however advise that whilst it is ok to use Ergoflex® memory foam mattresses with a slightly sprung bed base it will perform better on a solid slatted bed base. If using on a slatted bed base, please ensure the gaps between the slats are no wider than 11cms.

Will it work on an electrical adjustable bed?

Yes, Ergoflex® work with all types of bed bases, however we request that you double-check the dimensions of your electrical adjustable bed.

How and why is the Ergoflex mattress so competitively priced?

In Australia we are currently an internet only business. This enables us to sell our mattresses directly to the customer at the lowest possible prices. At present we also only sell one type and style of memory foam mattress in Australia, again ensuring we are as commercially efficient as possible and can guarantee the lowest possible retail prices. The current depth, density, firmness rating, layering and overall composition of the Ergoflex Australia mattress is however what we believe to be the optimum performing mix of materials for the mass market.

I don't feel like I'm getting a good night's sleep. Can Ergoflex memory foam mattresses help?

Yes. The high quality Ergoflex® memory foam mattress is specifically designed to promote comfortable sleeping, and as the mattress shapes to the contours of your body your pressure points are relieved, whilst promoting healthy and active blood circulation to all parts of the body.

Why do memory foam mattresses vary so much in price?

Memory foam mattresses vary in price due to the huge differences in quality between manufacturers. Every Ergoflex® memory foam mattress has been produced to exacting high standards, with optimum composition. See our Ergoflex® Mattress versus Market Leader page for more information on this.

Do I ever have to turn an Ergoflex memory foam mattress?

Standard sprung mattresses need to be turned to prevent and delay the sagging that occurs through time. Like all memory foam mattresses, Ergoflex® memory foam mattresses  are manufactured to be laid one side up only, to achieve the body-moulding performance for which they are designed. We recommend rotating your mattress 180 degrees every 3-6 months.

Will the Ergoflex memory foam mattress last under constant use?

The quality and composition of the Ergoflex® memory foam mattress ensure that it will provide years of optimum performance. Every Ergoflex® memory foam mattress comes with a *10-year guarantee. Our guarantee is underpinned with confidence and the experience of over a decade of success in the UK and Australia.

Is it ok to use a mattress protector with an Ergoflex mattress?

It is fine to use a mattress protector with any of our mattresses, but please be careful, traditional protectors may make the mattress feel firmer and less comfortable. This happens as the mattress protector acts as a barrier between the user and the top layer of temperature sensitive visco-elastic memory foam. The less barriers that exist between the mattress and the heat emanating from the user, ensures that the foam softens and moulds to the body providing the luxurious and comfortable experience that Ergoflex mattresses are known for. 

If you wish to use a mattress protector with your mattress then we would recommend the Ergoflex Mattress Protector. Specifically designed for our mattresses, this protector is breathable, lightweight and also waterproof. More information can be found on our accessories page.

How does the Ergoflex memory foam mattress compare to a sprung mattress?

Standard sprung mattresses, in essence, are made up of metal coils designed to support the weight of your body. While comfortable to an extent, these coils are simply unable to provide direct support to all pressure points, and can result in muscular and skeletal aches over time. A lack of support to a key pressure point will cause you to toss and turn in order to find a more comfortable position, disturbing your night's sleep and distressing your body. Ergoflex® memory foam mattresses are designed to shape to your body, giving direct support where you need it most and providing a deep, restful sleep.

Will vacuum packing damage my mattress?

Contrary to mis-information available elsewhere online, the vacuum packing process will not damage your mattress in any way. If it did, we'd be refunding thousands of customers each year. Ergoflex use the very latest packing and processing technology and guarantee that the vacuum packing procedure will in no way damage the mattress you receive. This is evident on opening the mattress, as it will recover quickly back to its correct depth and the outer cover will be taut and uncreased.

Is the mattress I want currently in stock?

The Ergoflex® website shows the availability of each mattress. When a mattress is out of stock there is a red information box on the mattress detail page, notifying the expected arrival date of the next consignment. You can still place a pre-order when a mattress is out of stock.

What about allergies?

The solid core and layered materials of the Ergoflex® memory foam mattress do not provide an ideal habitat for dust mites, unlike standard sprung mattresses. This makes the Ergoflex® memory foam mattress suitable for those with dust allergies. Most importantly, all Ergoflex memory foam mattresses are treated with UltraFresh™. UltraFresh™ treatment ensures both the mattress and the outer cover are hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial - free of dust mites and germs, and friendly for asthmatics.

I usually get warm at night - will an Ergoflex memory foam mattress help this?

Although memory foam mattresses have the ability to retain body heat more efficiently than standard mattresses due to their composition, Ergoflex® memory foam mattresses have an open cell structure to allow air to circulate freely through their layers. In addition to this, Ergoflex® memory foam mattresses contain a unique 'cool sleep' air flow system for increased comfort.

Is there a maximum weight for users of Ergoflex mattresses?

To ensure ongoing maximum performance from your Ergoflex mattress and longevity of use, we recommend as a precaution that the mattresses are suitable for persons up to 18 stone in weight (approx. 114 kg or 252 lbs) or 30 stone for combined weight (approx. 190 kg or 420 lbs). If you do exceed this weight and would like to purchase an Ergoflex mattress, please contact our sales team direct for advice on the composition that would suit you best.

Can an electric blanket be used on an Ergoflex memory foam mattress?

Our experience tells us that people who have used an electric blanket for many years find they do not need an electric blanket with our temperature sensitive memory foam.
Our hesitation in people using electric blankets is that if they are accidently left on a high heat setting for any extended period of time this could damage the visco elastic memory foam. 

Can you buy Ergoflex mattresses in shops?

Currently, Ergoflex does not have any licensed stock in the retail channel. This may change in future, however the internet-only business model allows us to retail our products at the lowest possible price direct to our customers.

Can I wash an Ergoflex memory foam mattress?

Due to its complex composition, we don't recommend washing an Ergoflex® memory foam mattress. However, the deluxe removable Jacquard outer cover is fully machine-washable.

Do we take away your old mattress when your Ergoflex mattress is delivered?

As Ergoflex uses an external delivery contractor we currently do not remove your old mattress. This results in savings that we pass directly on to the customer. However if you Google mattress recyclers in your area (metropolitan) you may find a range of companies that can take away your old mattress for a small fee.

Why does memory foam discolour through time?

All memory foam changes colour slightly through age, as part of its natural oxidization process. This does not affect the performance of the memory foam mattress in any way whatsoever.

Will the Ergoflex pillow fit in a standard pillowcase?

Yes. The Ergoflex pillow is a standard size measuring 65cm x 45cm.

Am I able to purchase a UK sized mattress in Australia?

In addition to our range of Australian standard sized memory foam mattresses, we also stock and can deliver the following UK sizes:

UK Standard King-Size (dimensions: 150cm x 200cm x 23cm), European King-Size (dimensions: 160cm x 200cm x 23cm) and the UK Standard Super-King-Size (dimensions: 180cm x 200cm x 23cm).

Please contact us for further information on pricing and availability.

Is the Ergoflex pillow guaranteed?

Yes, the pillow is guaranteed against defects of workmanship or materials for a period of two years. Returns period is 14 days.

Is the Ergoflex mattress protector guaranteed?

Yes, the Ergoflex mattress protector is guaranteed against defects of workmanship or materials for a period of two years. Returns period is 14 days, however we cannot accept returns once the protector has been opened, for hygiene reasons.

Ordering and Delivery

How soon can I receive my order?

For the vast majority of our customers we offer next-day delivery completely free of charge. If your required item is in stock, we can usually deliver within 24 hours to Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney from the point that you placed your order. (If ordered Monday – Thursday before 14:00).

Use our postcode checker for precise delivery options and transit times to your address.

If you live on outlying islands, in New Zealand or Pacific Islands please contact us with your address details and we will get a specific quote from our courier for you.

When ordering an item that is out of stock, the estimated consignment arrival date is clearly indicated in a red box on the mattress detail page.

We use an external courier company for our Standard Delivery Service; therefore we cannot guarantee delivery on the exact specified date. However, the courier that we use currently provides a 98% successful delivery rate for all customers.

If you wish to choose our Premium Delivery Service we will be able to provide a flexible delivery option that can be delivered to you on the day of your preference and within the time window of your choosing. Please ask our friendly staff about this delivery option.

Can I choose the delivery time or date?

When you place an order on our website, you can select a convenient delivery date of your choice but not a delivery time. However, on the morning of your scheduled delivery, you can track your item online via our courier's webiste and obtain a delivery time window. The delivery time window will narrow as the day proceeds.

If this is not convenient we do offer a Premium Delivery Service in metro areas. For a small fee you can select both a delivery date and a delivery time window. If you wish to select our Premium Delivery Service please contact us directly.

Premium Delivery Service is available in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.
Monday – Friday AM (8am-12pm)
Monday – Friday PM (12pm-5pm)
Monday – Friday After Hrs. (5pm-8pm)
Saturday (8am-12pm)

Will the courier call me prior to delivery or give me an ETA?

Unfortunately the courier completing all Standard Delivery Services is unable to call prior to delivery. However, on the morning of your scheduled delivery, you can track your item online via the courier's webiste and obtain a delivery time window. The delivery time window will narrow as the day proceeds.

If you are out when they attempt to deliver, a card will be left enabling you to call and arrange re-delivery on an alternative date.

We will send an email and SMS message (provided a mobile number is given at checkout) on the day your mattress is dispatched. This will contain the telephone number of the courier and consignment number of the items so you can call the courier to impart any special instructions you may have. The email and SMS also contains a web-link to the 'Package Tracking' feature on our courier’s website.

If choosing to take up the Premium Delivery Service you will be provided with an estimated time the driver will be in your area which falls within your chosen delivery window.

If I cannot stay home all day, what alternative delivery options are available to me?

If you prefer we can deliver to a neighbour, family member or work address.  If it is more convenient we can arrange for your items to be left in a secure and dry area such as around the back of your house, on a veranda, in a garage or carport. You can also collect your items from the courier’s local depot. 

Should none of the above be suitable then we also offer our Premium Delivery Service in metro areas, whereby items can be delivered within a two hour time window, Monday-Friday AM (8am-12pm), PM (12pm-5pm) OR alternately After Hours ( 5pm-8pm)  We are also able to offer this delivery service on Saturday mornings (8am-12pm). Please contact us directly should you wish to take advantage of this service. Please be aware that time specific deliveries will incur additional fees.

Do you deliver at weekends?

Our Premium Delivery Service offers delivery between 8am and 12pm Saturdays. Please contact us directly should you wish to take advantage of this service and to discuss pricing.

Will the courier bring the items into my property?

The delivery person will carry your items to your front door even if you live in a high rise building but only if you have easy access. If your apartment is not served by lift access or your house is accessed by stairs you may be required to help the courier with your items.

What happens if I am out when my Ergoflex mattress is delivered?

If for any reason you are not at home when the courier tries to deliver through our Standard Delivery Service, they will leave a card with details of the consignment and how to contact the courier and arrange for re-delivery or, if it is easier, to collect from their depot. Please be advised if you are not home when the courier tries to deliver then you may be charged a delivery fee for re-delivery of your parcels. Please contact the courier within 24hrs as your goods will be shipped back to Ergoflex.

If you choose the Premium Delivery Service you will know the expected time of delivery so you can ensure you will be available to receive your items.

What happens when I place an order online?

We have made every effort to make the online order process as simple and convenient as possible.

When you complete your online purchase you will receive an automatic email receipt. Once your purchase has been fully confirmed, you will receive another email from Ergoflex that confirms the delivery date that you have selected, or any alternative delivery arrangements.

Finally on the day your items are dispatched, you will receive an email containing the courier’s telephone number, your consignment number and a link to a parcel-tracking facility on our courier's website. If you provided a mobile telpehone number during the check-out process you will also receive this information via SMS.

What happens when I place an order over the phone?

We know that online ordering isn't convenient for everyone, so we have made it just as easy to place orders over the phone. Our order line is available on 1300 169 273.

When placing an Ergoflex memory foam mattress order over the phone, the same confirmation processes apply as ordering online.


Why do you compression pack your mattresses?

Your new Ergoflex memory foam mattress will arrive boxed, and very compact. All of our mattresses are compressed, vacuum sealed, rolled and boxed. We use the very latest technology in this process ensuring this will in no way compromise or damage your mattress. We also find this packaging process considerably reduces damage that can often be caused to a full size mattress when in transit or dispatched for delivery via third party courier.

What do I do when it arrives?

It is advisable to take the mattress into the room it is to be used in prior to opening the box and plastic cylindrical packaging. (Once this is removed, the mattress will unfurl and become more difficult to carry.) Please take great care in opening the plastic mattress packaging, if using a knife or sharp implement it is important to ensure you do not cut or nick the mattress itself.

Once you have removed the first layer of plastic packaging the mattress will unfurl. On opening the second layer of vacuum-sealed packaging, the mattress will immediately start the process of recovering to its natural depth and shape.

If you plan to open and install your mattress at a later date, we recommend keeping it compression packed for a maximum period of 4 weeks from initial delivery.

Can I use my mattress the same day it is delivered / opened?

Yes. The recovery process will take a maximum of 4 hours, and the mattress is fine to use the same day it is first unpackaged.

Why is there a distinct odour coming from my new mattress?

Whilst for some this can be a little unpleasant, it is entirely safe, normal, and to be expected. It is also amplified to some degree, as the mattress has been vacuum-sealed and packaged. This is however one of the major factors in Ergoflex being able to provide such a high specification mattress at a very competitive price. Newly manufactured visco-elastic foam has a distinct odour that will dissipate over a short period of time when exposed to air. To expedite this process you can remove the outer cover and machine wash whilst airing the mattress for a day or two prior to use. We find however that the majority of customers will use their new mattress on the first evening of receiving it.

Caring for your mattress

What is the best way to care for my mattress?

Your Ergoflex mattress – and your night’s sleep – is an investment worth protecting.

If you allow pets on your bed, or you bought a child’s mattress and late-night “accidents” still happen, or you keep a glass of water on your bedside table, you run the risk of a surprise spill.

To protect your mattress we recommend purchasing the Ergoflex-LIFE™ Mattress Protector. Fully waterproof, breathable and natural, Ergoflex-LIFE™ is the best way to guard your Ergoflex memory foam mattress from the realities of everyday life.

Do I ever have to turn an Ergoflex memory foam mattress?

Standard sprung mattresses need to be turned to prevent and delay the sagging that occurs through time. Like all memory foam mattresses, Ergoflex® memory foam mattresses are manufactured to be laid one side up only, to achieve the body-moulding performance for which they are designed. We recommend rotating your mattress 180 degrees every 3-6 months.

How do I keep my memory foam mattress free of dust mites or bed-bugs?

Dust mites feed off discarded skin cells which can accumulate in a mattress core, while bed bugs are parasites that feed on blood.  Standard sprung mattresses have a hollow core, which provide what amounts to a breeding ground for the bugs and mites. Ergoflex™ memory foam mattresses have a solid core, with layered materials that offer a far-less attractive place for dust mites and other foreign matter. Most importantly, all Ergoflex memory foam mattresses are anti allergenic. This ensures both the mattress and the outer cover are hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial - free of dust mites, allergens and friendly for asthmatics.

Can I wash an Ergoflex memory foam mattress?

Due to its complex composition, we don't recommend washing an Ergoflex® memory foam mattress. However, the deluxe removable outer cover is fully machine-washable.

Should I rotate the Ergoflex mattress?

We recommend that you rotate your Ergoflex mattress (top to bottom) around every three months, in order to aid longevity of the memory foam performance.

How should I take care of my Ergoflex pillow?

The Ergoflex pillow uses HD visco-elastic micro-fill, and we recommend treating it in a similar way to a feather/down pillow to ensure optimum performance and longevity. To do this, slightly unzip the cover, ‘plump’ it to encourage air into the core, and zip back up.

*Free delivery and returns not applicable to some locations. 30-day trial applicable to mattresses only.

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