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How to Remove Cat or Dog Pee from your Memory Foam Mattress


Oh dear, you have let Fido or Felix sleep in or on your bed and the pet has gone and peed on there. Never fear, as long as you act quick you can save your mattress. Here is a method for removing pet stains as sent in by one of our customers:

1. Straight away you need to try and remove as much of the urine as you are able to using a rag or paper towels (though a rag will be better and is not so wasteful). Put pressure using your hands and roll back and forth using all you weight on the rag. If you have a wet and dry vac now is the time to use it.
2. Make up a solution of one to one vinegar and water in a clean spray bottle. Put this over the soiled area and repeat number one with a new rag or paper towels.
3. Then sprinkle enough baking soda over the soiled area to cover it all.
4. Now take around a quarter of a cup of hydrogen peroxide and mix in a drop or two of dishwashing detergent. Drizzle this mixture over the soiled area on top of the baking soda. Leave it for a quarter of an hour then blot it again.
5. When the mattress is totally dry, vacuum up the baking soda mix.

By following the above steps you'll soon be back sleeping on your mattress.

Note: Due to Ergoflex representatives being the owners of toddlers and not pets we have not utilised the method ourselves. Please use caution and spot test the above method to see that it works for your individual stain and mattress before proceeding.

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