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What is the best bed base for a memory foam mattress?


What is the best bed base for a memory foam mattress?

You have bought yourself a memory foam mattress, well done! This is one of the best investments you can make to improve your sleep, but you are not sure which bed base is best for a memory foam mattress?

Here is a guide on how to choose the best base for your mattress so you can get the most out of your memory foam mattress.

Platform bed bases

Platform bed bases are great as they are flat, durable and strong. They are good for memory foam mattresses as they are made with heavier materials and often incorporate a strong layer of ventilated plywood to keep the mattress level and supported.

Bed frame with slats

The slat bed base is a more lightweight approach. They are relatively easy to assemble, and will often stand slightly higher off the ground than the usual platform bed. To be on the safe side make sure that the wooden slats are wide and close together, say 5-10 cm across and 4 -7 cm or less apart as this will ensure that your memory foam mattress is properly supported, and won’t sink through the cracks.

Metal bed frames

If you want to use a metal frame, then make sure it provides enough support to hold a heavier memory foam mattress on top of a high quality box spring. For larger beds, such as Queens or Kings, you might want to consider getting a 5th leg added to the frame to provide extra support.

Choose a custom made platform bed base to match your style

At Ergoflex, we offer a custom made bed base that you can design yourself so it matches your style. Customise your bed base by choosing between a low or high foundation base as well as between a range of beautiful headboards and the colour and fabric you would like.

Our bed base is made with only the highest quality premium materials to give you a luxurious bed frame for your memory foam mattress.



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