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Why Choose Ergoflex?

We know that there’s a lot of choice these days when it comes to buying a memory foam mattress online, but as the original premium mattress-in-a-box there’s a lot that separates Ergoflex from the crowd.

From using class-leading, unmatched high density visco-elastic memory foam to providing a proven 10-year warranty period for complete peace of mind, Ergoflex is the clear choice for a superior quality mattress that will deliver the great sleep you’ve been looking for.

A Tried & Trusted 10-Year Warranty

We’re the longest-established mattress brand of this type, pioneering the business model that has become standard today. With over thirteen years in the business we can say with absolute confidence that Ergoflex mattresses live up to our promises. No other mattress-in-a-box brand can make this claim, meaning that their 10-year warranties are based on – at best – factory testing. Meanwhile Ergoflex mattresses have been with our customers in the real world, providing great sleep, for well over our warranty period.

A Tried & Trusted 10-Year Warranty

Superior Materials, Superior Performance

Every Ergoflex mattress uses high-density visco-elastic memory foam to provide the superior body-moulding support, comfort and longevity that we’re known for. We don’t cut corners on material choices to save costs, and we don’t alter the specification of our mattress every few months. Since our launch back in 2006 we’ve evolved our mattress, introducing iterative improvements, but the ethos of using only true high-density visco-elastic memory foam has remained the same. It’s a choice that Ergoflex customers benefit from every single night.

We also manufacture our own foam, to our own exacting specifications. Most of our competitors source their foams from wholesale suppliers, resulting in identikit mattresses that vary little beyond the branded cover. None of our competitors in this price range can compare to Ergoflex on foam quality.

Superior Materials, Superior Performance

Real Reviews, Real Experiences

Every Ergoflex review that you see online is from a real customer who has had their mattress for a significant period of time and has chosen to tell the world about their experience with it. Many of our competitors rely on reviews from customers who have had their mattress for just a few days, when the excitement of purchase is still fresh in their minds. This of course, as a deliberate marketing tactic, leads to a skewed number of positive 5-star reviews. Be sure to look for reviews from customers who have had their mattresses for a number of months or years, as this presents a far more accurate and useful picture.

Real Reviews, Real Experiences

Ergoflex® 5G Memory Foam Mattress

8235 Reviews

The Ergoflex® 5G mattress is an orthopaedic memory foam mattress that moulds to the contours of your body. Regarded as Australia's #1 mattress for back pain, the Ergoflex 5G Memory Foam Mattress reduces pressure points, alleviates pain and improves sleep.

BestMattress for Back Pain Winner 2024
  • Next-Day Delivery & Free Returns*
  • 30 Night Home Trial*
  • True HD Proprietary Foam
  • Cool-Sleep™ Airflow System
  • Naturally Anti-Allergenic
  • Removable & Washable TENCEL® Woven Cover
  • Established in 2006 with Thousands of 5* Reviews

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* Free returns not applicable to some locations.

Proudly Independent

Since launching in 2006 Ergoflex has been completely independently owned, without any outside investment. Many of our competitors, who arrived in the industry after 2014, rely wholly upon massive venture capital injections to operate. This results in unsustainably expensive marketing campaigns, rapidly shifting product specifications and an increasing desperation to get more money out of their customers.

Ergoflex has not taken this approach. Our stance has allowed us to retain our original ethos and not compromise to deliver profits to external shareholders at the expense of our customers and our product.

Proudly Independent

One Good Sleep Deserves Another

A lot of our business comes from repeat custom, as Ergoflex owners who love their mattress come back to us when they need to purchase for kids or guest bedrooms. In fact, some of our earliest customers from back in 2006 are only now returning to buy again, over a decade since their first Ergoflex mattress. After sleeping on an Ergoflex, it’s natural to get used to great sleep and everything that comes with it.

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We offer support and information to help you decided whether an Ergoflex mattress is right for you. We’ve got a dedicated helpline staffed by friendly specialists, and an email-based response system to answer any questions you might have about Ergoflex and our products.

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*Free mattress returns not applicable to all locations.

On the land and waters that we sleep, we walk, and we live, we acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of these lands. We pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging, and recognise their connection to the land.

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