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Ergoflex® HD Memory Foam Pillow

Our high-density pillow delivers superior ergonomic posture support for your head, neck and spine and helps to alleviate neck pain. Let it shape around you for immediate pressure-relief and instant comfort that lasts the entire night, every night.

Developed with the same unbeatable memory foam used in our award-winning mattress, and adaptable for every sleep position, the Ergoflex pillow is the perfect choice for everyone.

  • Highest quality Memory Foam
  • Rated medium for excellent posture support
  • TENCEL® cover for breathability and comfort
  • Fits standard pillow cases & easy care
  • Two year guarantee
  • The perfect size: 45cm x 65cm x 12cm


Experience the Ergoflex® difference

High Density

High Density

Proprietary ACPT
Memory Foam






For Perfect Support
and comfort

Inner Cover

Inner Cover

For lasting

The Best Memory Foam Pillow in Australia

The Ergoflex Memory Foam Pillow is developed with the same unbeatable visco-elastic memory foam used in our award-winning 5G Memory Foam Mattress. A luxurious TENCEL™ outer cover delivers high-performance breathability and comfort. Combine the two and you have the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. All you have to do is sleep.

Upgrade your pillows today

The Best Memory Foam Pillow in Australia

Firmly Supportive Memory Foam

Our memory foam pillow is designed for those who need the right amount of support and comfort. It's perfect for side and back sleepers but can also be used under legs or the lower back. Each pillow features a fully-moulded core of visco-elastic memory foam, the same quality and density as used in our 5G Memory Foam Mattress.

Unlike feather, down, and micro-fill pillows, memory foam will not shift, which means no need for “pillow plumping”. Wherever you lay your head you're assured of perfect support, and whenever you're ready for sleep, your Ergoflex HD pillow is too - no plumping required, ever!

Say Goodbye to Neck Pain

Say Goodbye to Neck Pain

One of the main causes of neck pain in the morning is choice of pillow. A pillow that's too high or too low can cause pressure to build up as the neck tries to compensate for the lack of support. Feather or down pillows may feel super comfy when you first settle in. But during the night, the feathers move when you do, so you end up with no support, causing pain.

Our award-winning memory foam cradles and cushions your head and neck, providing world-class pressure relief and support. It alleviates neck pain by gently shaping to the contour of your body without the unpleasant sinking sensation that can occur with softer, low-density alternatives.

  • Supports pressure points
  • Contours to the shape of your neck
  • Promotes spinal alignment
  • Responds to movement and cradles the neck
  • Evenly distributing pressure, reducing strain
  • Maintains support by retaining shape
  • Minimises the need for repositioning
  • Reduces the likelihood of neck strain

Luxurious TENCEL Cover

Just like the Ergoflex 5G Memory Foam Mattress, the Ergoflex HD Pillow has a luxurious TENCEL cover.

TENCEL is an all-natural material with a cellular fibre construction that delivers high-performance breathability and comfort - making it the perfect match for the Ergoflex sleep experience.

The TENCEL cover is also removable and washable, for lasting hygiene.

Adaptable For Every Sleep Position

Adaptable For Every Sleep Position

The visco-elastic memory foam is designed to relieve pressure and comfortably adjust to any sleeping position, making the Ergoflex pillow a comfortable choice for everyone.

Side sleeper

Our memory foam pillow supports the neck and head, reducing the chance of waking up with shoulder pain or neck stiffness.

Back sleeper

The memory foam pillow can help maintain the spine's natural alignment, reducing the gap between the mattress and your neck.

Freestyle sleeper

The Ergoflex HD Memory Foam Pillow contours to the shape of your neck, head and shoulders, providing tailored support, no matter your sleeping position.

The Ergoflex Memory Foam Pillow Specifications

The Ergoflex® Memory Foam Pillow Specifications

Materials & Certification

Pillow core: 100% polyurethane HD memory foam, CertiPUR-US certified.

Cover: 41% TENCEL, 59% polyester, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.


45cm x 65cm x 12cm


Next day delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Newcastle & the Gold Coast. 3 days to Adelaide and 5 days to Perth. Earliest delivery dates to your postcode and delivery fees are calculated at checkout.

Easy Care

TENCEL cover: Unzip and remove the TENCEL cover. Machine wash in cold water, delicate cycle. Lay flat or hang to dry. Do not use bleach. Always allow to dry completely before putting the cover back on your pillow. Tumble dry on low heat on.

Ergoflex pillow core: Spot clean by hand with mild detergent.

Dry at room temperature - avoid direct heat or light.

Return Policy & Warranty

The Ergoflex Memory Foam Pillow is covered by our 14-night free trial (see our Sleep Trial Policy) and a 2-year warranty.

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