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Health Issues With Waterbeds


Luckily for most people, waterbeds went out with big shoulder pads and mullets. However, there are some people- mostly those who spent up to ten thousand dollars on one in the 80s and don’t want to admit it was a waste of money- who still think that waterbeds are the be all and end all.

The problem is that waterbeds have a number of health issues. First up, waterbeds are bad for you back. The problem is that they do not shape themselves to your body in the same way as other superior mattress materials do. Rather, what they do is force the body to conform to the mattress’s shape. This means that the sleeper’s muscles spend the entire night strained, in a vain attempt to force the waterbed to conform to the body’s desired posture.

Secondly, the same lack of malleability puts pressure on certain points in the body, causing circulatory problems. Often people on waterbeds will wake up with numb limbs in the morning.

Third, all waterbeds have got heaters in them. Otherwise the bed would be freezing cold. Those heaters produce a low frequency magnetic field. This magnetic field has been shown to contribute to certain forms of cancer, meaning that it is the last thing you should be spending a third of your life on.

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