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Can I stop my memory foam mattress from yellowing?


Everything grows older, just ask your parents and grandparents. Everything was once fresh and new then time marches on. Your memory foam mattress is not immune to ageing. These incredible beds will last an astounding ten years, giving you night after night of incredible comfort and sublime support, but like all good things, it will come to an end.

One thing that some people get concerned about is that as their memory foam mattress ages the foam will start to turn yellow. This is just a natural part of memory foam’s ageing process and it is nothing to be concerned over. The colouration is caused by the oxidisation of the material and it is not toxic or harmful in anyway.

It is simply a sign of entropy, of the inexorable path of time. You can slow this yellowing by ensuring that the mattress is rarely exposed to sunlight. The best way of doing this is by buying a cover that goes all the way around it and by airing it in a shaded but warm spot.

Never fair, when you memory foam mattress has served its time, after it has lasted an incredible ten years without losing any support or comfort, you will be able to buy a new and improved one!

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