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How does a memory foam mattress work?


You have probably heard about how incredible a memory foam mattress is, no doubt all your friends who own one will go on about how amazingly comfortable and supportive they are at any chance, but you might not know how they work.

The key component of memory foam is that it is a visco-elastic heat sensitive material. As it heats up it becomes softer, thus allowing your body to sink into it. As your body is warmer across the torso, where there is more of you, and cooler along the arms and legs, your torso sinks in further. The foam creates a mirror image of your exact body shape and posture, cradling you perfectly.

Because it is visco-elastic, it is able to spring back into its original shape when you get off—its ‘memory’—meaning that it is ready to mould to your body again the next night, no matter what posture you are in.
In fact, memory foam will change to suit you throughout the night no matter how many times you move, meaning that you will always be lying in a bespoke cradle that gives you the perfect balance of comfort and support.  

The best way to find out how it works though is to spend a night on one.

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