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Can I Stop My Memory Foam Mattress From Yellowing?


Can I Stop My Memory Foam Mattress From Yellowing?

Your Ergoflex memory foam mattress will last many years giving you night after night of incredible comfort and sublime support, but like all good things, your memory foam mattress is not immune to ageing

Here at Ergoflex, we know that one thing that some people get concerned about is that as their memory foam mattress ages the foam starts to discolour and turn yellow. Please do not worry turning yellow is a normal process and something that happens to all memory foam products once they have aged.

Why does memory foam turn yellow?

Memory foam turns yellow because it is just a natural part of memory foam’s ageing process and it is nothing to be concerned over. The colouration is caused by the oxidation of the material and it is not toxic or harmful in any way.It is simply a sign of entropy, of the inexorable path of time.

How to slow down the yellowing of your memory foam mattress

As we have concluded, the yellowing of memory foam is a natural process that cannot be stopped. However there are ways to help slow this yellowing down to keep your mattress better for longer.

You can slow this yellowing down by ensuring that the mattress is rarely exposed to sunlight. The best way of doing this is by buying a mattress protector that goes all the way around it and by airing it in a shaded but warm spot.

The yellowing of memory foam may mean it is time to buy a new mattress

All mattresses have a lifespan of around 7-10 years. So, never fair, when your memory foam mattress has served its time, after it has lasted an incredible ten years without losing any support or comfort, you will be able to buy a new and improved one!

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