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Memory foam toppers


Memory foam toppers are a popular mattress accessory. Created from a single piece of memory foam, toppers are designed to be laid on a regular non-memory foam mattress to provide an extra level of comfort. Like all products, memory foam toppers come in widely varying qualities, from the cheap and ineffective to the expensive and relatively high performance.

Toppers, while giving a layer of memory foam comfort, are essentially working against the qualities of the mattress underneath. After all, no mattress was ever designed to work with an extra layer. Mattress properties such as firmness, support and longevity are all affected by adding a topper. Despite this, memory foam toppers can be a comfortable addition to a standard pocket sprung mattress, and may provide a remedy to a particular requirement.

However a memory foam topper is developed though, it can never fully replicate the performance of a memory foam mattress. Premium visco-elastic memory foam mattresses, like the Ergoflex, are carefully created with layers of materials that are chosen specifically to work together and provide the most support to the body. The materials combine to mould to the shape of the body and offer support on the pressure points throughout the night.

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