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Living under a flight path


If you live under the flight path of an airport you will understand how noisy they are, the planes roaring overhead make more than just a sound, they often shake the building around you as well.

Most airports either close down during the night or have very few flights. However some of the bigger airports operate throughout the night with numerous flights coming in during the small hours.

The London Assembly has recently proposed putting a curfew on Heathrow as they believe that its night time activity is disturbing the sleep of thousands of Londoners, leaving them with constant sleep deprivation.

The residents who live under the flight path have been polled and they were found to be more tired than their neighbouring Londoners.

Heathrow of course are protesting the move, saying that the only way that they are able to ensure they can fulfil the high demand is by running throughout the day and night, they say that if they were closed even for a few hours at night that they would either have to cancel many flights or create a backlog.

The only other solution is to build another airport nearby which could take the excess capacity of Heathrow during the day. In the end, money is the problem, sleep deprivation is the outcome.

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