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Single Mattress: Ergoflex 5G Memory Foam Mattress

Our Single Ergoflex™ 5G Memory Foam Mattress is a popular choice for many Australians giving them their most comfortable and supportive night’s sleep.

Consisting of premium materials that work in harmony, this is the most comfortable and pressure-relieving mattress we’ve ever made. Voted 5-stars in Australia for over 10 years, our memory foam mattress allows you to find the most comfortable position for you to drift off into a deep, restful sleep in no time.

Our single mattress is ideal for those little ones looking for their first “big kid bed”, older kids who don’t want to upgrade their bed size just yet or for your spare room so you can give your guests the best possible sleep that they deserve.

Why choose our single memory foam mattress?

A true, high-density orthopedic pressure-reducing mattress, with temperature-sensitive responsive performance that contours to your exact body shape, there is no substitute for quality with our Ergoflex™ 5G Memory Foam Mattress.

Some key benefits of our single memory foam mattress includes:

  • Our memory foam mattress is ideal for asthma sufferers and is allergy friendly making it the best mattress for kids. You can be sure it won't irritate their allergies.
  • Is designed with a TENCEL® outer cover that gives the mattress a natural and breathable surface that creates a cool, comfortable surface.
  • Our mattress comes with a 10-year warranty so you can be confident your mattress will last. It is the only mattress-in-a-box brand that has been in business longer than the warranty.
  • We designed our memory foam mattress to give the best possible back support to prevent any future back pain that can occur from a poor quality mattress.
  • We offer a 30-day trial so if you don’t love it, you can send it back. We're confident that you'll love your Ergoflex™ mattress, but if you don't we'll pick it up free of charge.

What is the size of a single mattress?

Our single mattress is sized at: 92cm x 187cm x 23cm.

Not quite right? Our range of memory foam mattresses come in multiple sizes to suit you best. Choose from a;

Single bed base and mattress

Want to get the most out of your sleep? Our Ergoflex™ 5G Memory Foam Mattress and Ergoflex™ Premium Bed Base were designed to compliment each other to optimise your sleep environment. They were both meticulously designed and crafted to give you your best night’s sleep yet which means no more tossing and turning.

Made from premium Australian Timber from sustainable sources and the finest warwick fabrics, our bed base is the ideal choice for any bedroom.

View our single bed base here.

The original single bed mattress-in-a-box brand

We are the pioneers of the mattress-in-a-box concept and are proud of our achievements. We are the ONLY mattress-in-a-box brand that has been trading longer than our 10-year warranty period. Thanks to this, we can prove to you that our customers have continued to love us night after night. Not yet convinced? Read our customer reviews here.

Purchase your single memory foam mattress today!

For the vast majority of customers we offer fast, next-day delivery so you can start enjoying your mattress sooner or if you wish you can select a specific delivery date that suits you best. 

We know you will love your Ergoflex™ mattress, but we want to provide our customers with the best possible service by offering a 30-day trial period that starts from the day your mattress is delivered. If you are not fully satisfied with your mattress, you can contact us within the 30-days for a refund.

Purchase our single memory foam mattress online today!

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