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Zero Partner Disturbance with the Ergoflex® 5G Mattress

Are you ready to say goodnight to disturbed sleep?

With class-leading true high density visco-elastic memory foam, the Ergoflex® 5G offers true high density performance. This means that your body is completely cradled as the advanced temperature-sensitive material adapts to your contours and weight, delivering full support and relieving pressure where it’s needed most. It also means that the mattress has neutral buoyancy, so any movement is contained – completely eliminating the ‘roll-together’ effect and surface disturbance. Combining these benefits, the Ergoflex® 5G promotes deeper, more restful sleep and reduces the likelihood of being woken by a restless sleeping partner.

Risk Free. Rest Easy.

With fast, next-day delivery* and a 30-night home trial* there’s never been a better time to experience Ergoflex™ for yourself.

* Next day delivery and free returns not applicable to some locations.
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