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Australian Mattress Size Guide

Choosing the right mattress is critical to achieving a good night’s sleep. At Ergoflex™, we are committed to helping you find the perfect mattress for you, so you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your sleep.

One of the most important factors when it comes to choosing the perfect mattress is its size. If you get one too small, you will feel cramped and uncomfortable, whereas if you get a mattress that is too big, it will take up unnecessary space in the bedroom.

No matter what size of mattress you require, the Ergoflex™ 5G Memory Foam Mattress comes in a range of sizes to suit everyone.

To make your decision even easier, we have put together this mattress size guide to help you find the perfect mattress for you and your needs.

What are the different mattress sizes?

The different types of mattress sizes include; a single, long-single, king-single, double, queen and king size.

Mattress size comparison

Single: 92cm x 188cm x 23cm
Long-Single: 92cm x 203cm x 23cm
King-Single: 106cm x 203cm x 23cm
Double: 137cm x 188cm x 23cm
Queen: 152cm x 203cm x 23cm
King: 183cm x 203cm x 23cm

Single mattress size

Single mattress dimensions: 92cm x 188cm x 23cm

Our single mattress is an ideal choice for any child, teenager or even adult in Australia. Our single bed mattress size stands at 92cm wide, 187cm long, and 23cm in depth making it the perfect first big bed for a child or the ideal bed for someone looking for a new bed to accommodate a small room.

Long-single mattress size

Long-single mattress dimensions: 92cm x 203cm x 23cm

Great for growing children or teenagers, a long-single mattress is the perfect addition to any sleep environment. Many people also choose to place two long singles together to make a king-size mattress or use them with adjustable beds.

Our long-single mattress is sized at 92cm wide, 203cm long and 23cm in depth making it a great space saver for those looking for a bigger bed than just a single.

King-single mattress dimensions

King-single mattress dimensions: 106cm x 203cm x 23cm

Our king-single mattress is the perfect size for people with bedrooms of a smaller size, but still want to be able to spread out on their bed. A king-single gives back that extra bit more room that a double mattress would take up. Our king-single mattress is sized at 106cm wide, 203cm long and 23cm in depth and is ideal for children, teenageers or adults who sleep on their own.

Double mattress dimensions

Double mattress dimensions: 137cm x 188cm x 23cm

Our next mattress size up from our single range is the double mattress. A great fit to sleep two people comfortably or for one person to spread out on. It is a popular choice as it fits in the majority of bedrooms, does not take up too much space and prevents a bedroom from feeling cramped. If you are interested in our double mattress, it is sized at 137cm wide, 187cm long and 23cm in depth.

Queen size mattress dimensions

Queen mattress dimensions: 152cm x 203cm x 23cm

When upgrading the size of your bed, a queen mattress is the perfect size for so many people. Sized at 152cm wide, 203cm long and 23cm in depth, our queen mattress is big enough for you to spread out and enjoy your sleep, whilst sharing your bed with your partner. A queen bed is also great for those who sleep on their own, but want a luxurious spacious feel.

King size mattress dimensions

King mattress dimensions: 183cm x 203cm x 23cm

Our largest and most luxurious mattress of all, our king mattress is sized at 183cm wide, 203cm long and 23cm in depth. This is the perfect size for those couples with that extra space in their bedroom and who want to have their most comfortable, spread out sleep. If you have enough space in your bedroom, a king mattress is even big enough for you to welcome your little visitors in the mornings or nights.

What size mattress should you get?

Not sure which mattress size to get? There are a number of different factors that you should consider before you make your decision. Here are some of our tips to help:

How big the bedroom is

How much space you have in the bedroom will determine which size bed you purchase. A king size bed may sound fantastic to you, however you will need to consider the practicality of purchasing a big bed. It shouldn’t take up the whole bedroom and prevent you moving freely around, this will get frustrating.

How many people will be sleeping in the bed

Before choosing the size of your bed, you should first know who will be sleeping in the bed. Whether it is just one person or two people sleeping in the bed, this will greatly affect your decision. Purchasing a single or a king-single mattress is not practical if you expect to share a bed, we do not recommend going anything smaller than a double size mattress if you are sharing the bed with another person.

The height of the person/people using the bed

You also need to make sure that the dimensions of the bed you are choosing are suitable for the height of those who intend to use it. You should not be hanging off the bed when you lie down on it as this is very uncomfortable. We recommend you choose a mattress that is adequate for the tallest person sleeping on it.

Can we help improve your sleep?

Contact us today with any questions about Ergoflex™ mattresses. We’re here to help.

We offer support and information to help you decide which size mattress you need and whether an Ergoflex™ mattress is right for you. We’ve got a dedicated helpline staffed by friendly specialists, and an email-based response system to answer any questions you might have about Ergoflex™ and our products.

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