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Avoiding Back Pain


Back pain is one of the most common medical problems in the UK, with some 5 million people consulting their GPs annually, and more than 1 million classified as disabled with related conditions. The issue ranges from passing discomfort caused by strains and muscle pulls, to long-term conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and sciatica. It is estimated that 80% of us will experience back pain of some description throughout our lives.

Along with carrying and lifting, the way you sleep and the mattress type you sleep on can be a major contributory factor to back problems. If your mattress doesn't offer sufficient support to your body, your back muscles are likely to be strained for long periods during the night. Mild effects of this could be aches and pains in the morning, but it can also have more serious ongoing effects if you’re particularly unsuited to a mattress.

The composition of the Ergo Flex memory foam mattress is carefully designed to offer maximum support to your body, ensuring that your muscles aren't being strained unnecessarily – and dangerously. The body-shaping qualities of the mattress helps you find a comfortable position quickly, and keep it throughout the night.

So, if you're finding that you often wake with a sore back, or you find that you need to turn regularly to find a comfortable position in bed, then the Ergo Flex memory foam mattress could be the answer to your problems – helping you avoid becoming one of the UK's 5 million back pain sufferers.

Each and every Ergo Flex visco elastic memory foam mattress offers pressure-relieving performance and is designed to give you the night’s sleep you’ve always dreamed of. Providing optimum support for your whole body, Ergo Flex mattresses ensure a restful and comfortable sleep, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and energised in the morning. See our memory foam mattresses page for details of our single, double, king size, European king size and super king size mattress versions, or call 0845 450 2338 to find out more.

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