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Ergoflex Guide to Sleep - Part 3 - Pre-sleep routines and napping


Your brain needs to be in a wound-down relaxed state to achieve all-round good sleep, so the activities you do prior to going to bed are instrumental in determining how quickly you will drift off to sleep, as well as the quality of sleep experienced. Avoiding stimulating food and drinks in the hours leading up to bedtime is a well-known way to help the mind and body fall into a more relaxed state, but there are plenty other regular activities that will prevent good quality sleep. Strenuous physical exertion such as working out or jogging requires lengthy recovery time and isn’t advisable in the hours before bedtime. Similarly, while watching television or sitting at the computer isn’t making your body active it is likely to be working your mind into an alert and sensitised state. Get into a regular routine of winding down before going to bed and your body will respond.

Daytime naps are often thought of as a great way to “recharge your batteries”, but the reality is that they’re often hinting at a wider sleep quality issue. Firstly, any overwhelming need to sleep during the day - no matter how briefly – suggests that you’re not getting enough night-time sleep to support your body and mind throughout its daily demands. Secondly, napping during the day generally does cause levels of energy to be higher later in the evening, but also results in staying awake longer into the night than usual - therefore taking away valuable nocturnal sleeping time and generating a cycle of poor quality, short duration sleep.

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