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Rugby legend Rory chooses Ergoflex


Ex-international rugby legend Rory Underwood has revealed that he uses the Ergoflex memory foam mattress, and has come to rely on its rejuvenating and restorative qualities.

After owning and enjoying a Tempur mattress a number of years ago, former England and British Lions wing Rory opted to try an Ergoflex when the time came for a replacement, and was highly impressed with the memory foam performance as well as the customer service experience.

“The feeling of waking up well-rested and ready to face the day really is invaluable. In my new career as the head of a management consultancy I’ve found that I need my sleep to recover every bit as much as when I was in international rugby – and the Ergoflex never lets me down,” said Rory, who now heads a management consultancy firm following his retirement from professional rugby.

We’ve found that many of our customers chose Ergoflex because of the pressure-relieving performance that our memory foam delivers. The muscular and skeletal support offered by Ergoflex memory foam mattresses mean that they’re a great choice for anyone involved in sports, providing the perfect therapeutic night-time rest. The incredible high impact stresses of professional rugby demand a quality mattress, so it’s no surprise that Ergoflex is the choice of those at the very top of the game.

Find out more about what former rugby star Rory Underwood thinks of the Ergoflex memory foam mattress in his own words, at Review Centre.

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