Sleepís role in avoiding burnout


A good night’s sleep is known to be one of the key factors in avoiding stress-related health problems, including burnout at work. Burnout occurs when you take on too many psychological burdens to comfortably manage over a sustained period, and can result in a number of negative outcomes; from straight-forward irritability, forgetfulness and a general nosedive in productivity to more serious debilitating physical and psychological problems. Often, burnout appears suddenly and can strike unexpectedly during or prior to particularly busy periods at work.

Overall health and well-being is of course related to a range of other factors including diet, lifestyle, exercise and achieving a positive work/life balance - but all of these issues are underpinned by sleep quality, and sleep plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy mind and body. Therefore it’s important to devote some thought to how you sleep, and what you can do to ensure you’re not neglecting this vital area of your health.

Creating a routine that encourages good quality sleep is not difficult, provided that you follow some clear steps on a regular basis. The simplest things are often the most effective when it comes to sleep, such as;

· avoiding caffeine or similar stimulants in the hours leading up to bedtime;
· sticking to regular times for going to bed and waking up;
· using the bedroom solely for sleep by removing the TV, computer and other electronic distractions;
· creating a light-free environment in the bedroom with black-out curtains or blinds;
· avoid intense activities such as workouts just prior to bedtime, as the body often requires a ‘winding-down’ period afterwards.

Achieving good quality sleep every night will act as the groundwork for building an overall healthier lifestyle and avoiding potential burnout.

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