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Why Olympians Choose Ergoflex


Why Olympians Choose Ergoflex

Why do so many top-level athletes consider Ergoflex mattresses as an important part of their regime?

Sleep isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think about sporting achievement, but in fact it plays a key role and is something that every elite athlete prioritises in their day-to-day lives.

Ergoflex has a proud history of providing consistently great sleep to sportspeople at the very top of their game.

Our mattresses are used by Australian and British Olympic champions, Australian swimmers, English Premier League footballers, Australian footballers, including past and present players for the Matildas, as well as athletes from a number of other sports, performing at the very highest levels of competition.

In Australia these include, Jessica Fox, Michelle Heyman, Mariafe Artacho del Solar, Annette Edmundson, and Dane Bird-Smith to name but a few.

In such high-pressure environments when it comes to sleep quality, nothing can be left to chance - and that’s why Ergoflex is the clear choice for so many.

The particular benefits of the Ergoflex mattress for athletes can be distilled down into two main areas – quality sleep and optimal support.

Sleep is linked to sports performance in some surprising ways. As well as being essential for restoring physical and mental energy, sleep also influences weight, motivation, stamina levels, decision making, memory performance and reaction times – all vital components of success in sport. The bulk of the body’s recovery from exertion also comes during sleep, as this is when the body creates the naturally-restorative HGH, making it absolutely key to making gains and avoiding injury. Ergoflex’s body-cradling comfort encourages quicker transition to sleep, as well as unbroken rest throughout the night. Fewer night-time awakenings means you’re able to naturally transition through the various phases of sleep, rejuvenating the body and mind in the process – the perfect preparation for sporting excellence.

Whether training or competing in events, the body goes through a lot of punishment during sports, so it needs the right support for efficient recovery. An inconsistent or unsupportive mattress won’t just disrupt sleep, it’ll also put unnecessary additional stress on the body, creating aches and pains that come after a bad night’s sleep. The Ergoflex 5G’s high-density visco-elastic layer ensures that every part of the body that comes into contact with the mattress is optimally supported throughout the night – so areas that can typically suffer on lesser mattresses, like the lower back, hips and legs, get the support that they need during sleep.

By promoting consistently deep sleep and body-cradling support, the Ergoflex 5G is the perfect partner for discerning athletes who simply can’t take risks with their sleep quality.

So what do our athletes says about their Ergoflex mattress?

Mariafe Artacho del Solar
I noticed the difference straight away with my Ergoflex. It is so comfortable and it aids in my recovery every night! There was definitely a noticeable difference in my sleeping patterns, I am getting a better sleep and that means I am more prepared for the challengers that are waiting for me tomorrow.

Annette Edmundson
It’s such a beautiful and comfortable mattress. No movement and just stays still and quietness.
Comfort, stillness and you find your spot and stay in that position all night. It moulds nicely to your body and supports your body thoroughly. Shapes and supports in the right spot. My Ergoflex mattress has 100 percent improved my sleep and I wouldn’t sleep on anything else.

Jessica Fox
I was used to sleeping on a really hard mattress and the Ergoflex felt really soft in comparison but  after a few days I found my sleep was uninterrupted and I woke up feeling good in my back. I recently got back from overseas and it’s always when you are away from home sleeping on different mattresses that you notice the difference the most. Nothing like sleeping in your own bed again!!

Lucien Delfour
Ergoflex mattresses are truly great and really high quality, it is a good and simple way to improve sleep dramatically and maximise performance. It also appears like unlike most brands, Ergoflex actually cares about athletes.
The mattress is both soft and firm. It’s soft in the way that there is even pressure on the whole body, and firm in the way that the body is maintained in a good posture. The biggest difference I found is that I don’t wake up with a sore back anymore. It has definitely improved my sleep as I don’t roll and wake as much.

Olympia Aldersey
The biggest difference would be that once you find your comfortable position you seem to move a lot less during the night. I don’t seem to get sore and have to move, this make me feel more rested when I wake up. This is optimal for recovery!!

Daniel Repacholi
It’s because the mattress is so comfortable the first time that I laid on it I was in love with Ergoflex. It supports your whole body including you head and neck when you get the specially designed Ergoflex pillows as well.
The best mattress I have ever slept on, I wish I could take it to all the competitions that I go to. The single biggest difference that I have found is that I wake up felling so much better because my whole body is supported by the  Ergoflex mattress.

Chris Froome
It’s excellent, and delivers everything I was expecting from such a hi-tech mattress. The ‘weightlessness’ feeling is the perfect antidote to leaden legs after a day's riding, and I’ve found that minor aches and pains are mostly relieved by the morning. The support to the lower back, which can be a problem area for me, is excellent, and I’m confident that the Ergoflex mattress is assisting my recovery times and overall quality of sleep on a daily basis.”

James Haskell
I just think it’s very supportive and comfortable and you don’t move around a lot in it. The value of good support and pressure-relief can’t be overstated when you’re putting your body through the punishment of professional sports and training. It’s not too hard, not too soft, it’s just the perfect mix really and my lower back really benefits from the improved support. If you have important things to tackle the following day, you really need to be the very best version of yourself that you can be. You can prepare, practice and train for the task at hand ‘till you’re blue in the face, but if you’ve slept poorly, you can’t really perform to the very best of your ability.  For professional and elite athletes in particular, leaving your quality of sleep to chance is a risk you simply can’t afford to take.

The Ergoflex memory foam mattress and sport

Sleep plays a key role in athlete performance, both during regular training and events – especially those as intensively demanding as the Tour de France. Deep sleep is the period during which the body restores and repairs damage that takes place during sports, allowing for the development of muscle and energy recovery. By working to achieve good sleep, athletes ensure that they’re taking advantage of this process and maintaining the ability to perform to their potential. Without good sleep the susceptibility for injury and illness can be increased, risking loss of performance. It’s because of this vital role that sleep is now recognised as such an important element of the training and events regime for athletes of all disciplines.

So when it comes to choosing a mattress, it’s not a decision that top level sportspeople can take lightly.

Put simply, a sub-standard mattress – whether a sprung mattress that doesn’t deliver full body support or a low quality foam offering purporting to deliver memory foam performance – won’t just result in poor quality sleep, it’ll also result in poor athletic performance.

Ergoflex’s™ use of proprietary ACPT™ temperature-sensitive high-density visco-elastic memory foam and a combination of cool-sleep airflow and premium base layers delivers a pressure-relieving performance night after night. This means that the areas of the body that typically suffer the most during sports activities - lower back, legs, arms – are sufficiently supported during sleep and allowed to effortlessly recover from exertion.

By delivering a weightless cradling of the entire body, the Ergoflex makes it easier to find a comfortable position and get to sleep faster, as well as achieving a more restful, disturbance-free sleep throughout the night. All of which results in a feeling of rejuvenation and energy in the morning, a feeling that’s priceless for everyone – athletes and non-athletes alike!

Try the Ergoflex mattress for 30-nights and see for yourself the difference a good night's sleep can bring.

Team Ergoflex

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