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Do electric blankets and memory foam mix?


Memory foam mattresses have revolutionised the way we sleep, giving us unprecedented levels of comfort and support. No other mattress material is able to come close to memory foam’s capacity to shape itself to each and every sleeper’s body shape and posture. Getting a memory foam mattress is an exciting time, many people simply cannot believe that they went for so long without one.

Memory foam is heat reactive, it changes its form when heat is applied. This quality enables it to mould to the sleeper’s precise shape and posture as their body heat helps to change the form the mattress. This means that it creates an mirrored cradle for the occupant to sleep in and when they move the mattress will change form again.

Because of this heat reactive quality, many people want to know if it is safe to use with an electric blanket. The answer is no, because of the intrinsic qualities of memory foam, using an electric blanket on a memory foam mattress is not recommended.

Fortunately, memory foam is actually far better at holding in heat than other mattress materials, meaning that it is warmer than other beds and the need for an electric blanket is less likely in a memory foam bed.

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