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How Deep Does My Mattress Need To Be?


When you decide to buy a new mattress there is an increasing number of things you need to decide: Do I want memory foam or spring? What size bed do I want? Memory foam or normal foam? Alongside all the other questions you will need to answer before you end up with your bed, you will have to work out how deep you want your mattress to be.

Generally speaking, the deeper the mattress the firmer it is, so the depth of the mattress is a good first indicator of the firmness. However, with memory foam, the density is actually a better indicator, rather than thickness alone. A thick mattress will be heavier, generally speaking, so if you have to carry it up a number of stairs or for a great distance, then this might put you off.

Another thing to think about when looking at mattress thickness is the availability of fitted sheets. If you do not use fitted sheets then this won’t be a problem; however, if you do and you buy a very thick mattress then you may have trouble finding fitted sheets that will fit on your mattress.

Finally, another thing you need to think about is your bed, you need to make sure that the mattress is not to thick for your bed. In the end though, it should come down to comfort.


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