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How to Tell Your Mattress Has Had It


5 Ways To Tell Your Mattress Has Had It

We spend a third of our lives in bed, which means your mattress needs to be in top form or else you will become tired and drained. So, how do you know that your mattress has had it?

1. You notice that you or your partner have either got new allergies or your existing allergies have got worse. Old mattresses are repositories for dust and spending night after night on them will exacerbate your allergies.

2. You feel sore or strained when you wake in the morning. When the mattress nears the end of its life it becomes less supportive, meaning you feel painful in the morning.

3. You find that you toss and turn at night, never settling. Old mattresses become less malleable, making it harder to get comfortable on them.

4. It makes noises. When mattresses get old they start making creaking or squeaking noises, if they are spring at least, and this noise is a sigh that it is time to put your mattress out to pasture.

5. You find that your mattress is stained. Go on, have a look under the mattress protector. If you can’t bear to look at what is under there then it is definitely time to get a new mattress.

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