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Sleep: Latex vs Memory Foam


We spend about a third of our lives in bed, a commonly known fact. This means that amongst all the furniture and possessions that we own, our beds are probably the most used, an therefore, the most important. Sleep is critical to our daily and long term wellbeing, so it makes sense to invest in a mattress that is going to give you the best night’s sleep possible. It only takes a few nights sleeping on a bad mattress to make you realise how important they are.

Like anything in life, not all mattress materials are created equal. In fact, there are a wide range of mattress materials out there, from the simply diabolical right through to the majestically sublime. One of the key measures of any mattress material is how good it is to sleep on. So what is latex like vs memory foam to sleep on?

Latex often develops a permanent body impression that makes it uncomfortable to lie in any other way. It can force you to conform to its shape, leaving you uncomfortable and sore in the morning. Not only that, but because it can force you to sleep in a certain position, it can be worse for your circulation.

Memory foam shapes itself to your body. Its unique design means that it reacts to your body heat and moulds itself to your position. When you move, it remoulds itself, providing endless comfort and the best night’s sleep around.

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