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Memory Foam And Hip Joint Pain


If you have hip joint pain then you know how uncomfortable it can be at night. Most hip joint pain can be alleviated by proper rest, but many mattress types actually make the problem worse. The reason for this is that they force the body to conform to certain postures and place undue pressure on the musculature. This means that instead of relaxing your muscles have to spend the entire time fighting against the mattress material.

Memory foam, on the other hand, shapes itself to the sleeper’s precise body shape and current posture. This means that the muscles can take time out and relax and it means that the pressure is distributed evenly across the entire body. This means that when you get up in the morning, your hip has been perfectly supported throughout the night, no matter how many times you have moved.

Memory foam is a heat reactive material, meaning that when it heats up it compresses. As the body has different temperatures depending on relative mass, different parts of the body will cause the material to compress different amounts. As the torso is bigger and hotter, it compresses more there. This means that it forms the perfect supportive cradle for you throughout the night.

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