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Pregnancy Sleep Comfort


The bigger you get during your pregnancy, the harder it is to sleep. As your baby grows, so do you, and getting comfortable with an ever growing tummy gets increasingly difficult. Not only are you bigger, but your body is going through so many changes, with different points becoming more sensitive. In the end, sleeping becomes nearly impossible, unless you have a memory foam bed.

Memory foam beds are so fantastic for pregnant woman for one reason. Memory foam is able to mould itself to the occupant’s exact shape and posture, and when the occupant moves, the bed will remould itself to their new position. No matter how you lie, the bed moulds itself exactly to your contours. This means that you get the perfect blend of support and comfort for your ever changing body. No other mattress is able to change with you throughout your pregnancy in the way that memory foam can.

Memory foam is heat reactive, the hotter it gets, the softer it gets. Because your belly is the hottest part of you when you are pregnant, that part of the bed gets softer. This allows the mattress to mirror the contours of your body, holding in a sublime cradle of comfort.

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