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Spring vs Memory Foam


Ok, you have the choice between two mattress products. One has been around for over two hundred years, it was invented before electricity, it was invented before modern medicine come into being, it was invented before we had developed less than a third of the modern materials we see before us, it was invented when we sailed around the world. In other words, it is ANCIENT technology.

The other is the product of the space age, it was invented by a crew of highly trained scientists using the state of the art fabrication and manufacturing techniques and machinery, it was invented as part of the largest collective human endeavour in the history of the planet, it was the product of one of humanity’s most fertile periods of scientific discovery ever. In sum, it is STATE OF THE ART.

There is no competition between spring beds and memory foam. Spring beds are often archaic, uncomfortable and unhealthy. Memory foam is the most supportive and comfortable mattress material on the planet. It is the pinnacle of human sleep technology. It is hypoallergenic. It can mould itself to your exact body shape and posture and changes as you move during the night. It wins in every category, hands down. There is no choice, memory foam is the future.

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