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Tennis Elbow? Memory Foam Can Help


Despite the name, tennis elbow can happen to anyone, even people who have never picked up a racquet in their lives. Tennis elbow, to give it its proper name lateral epicondylitis, is an overuse injury that occurs in the lateral side of the elbow region. Like most skeletal- musculature problems, tennis elbow can be alleviated by sleeping on a memory foam mattress.

The cause of tennis elbow is overextension through a repetitive motion. Therefore, the best thing is to rest that section of the body as often and for as long as possible. Most mattresses do not shape themselves to your posture, but rather force the sleeper into particular postures. This means that throughout the night the sleeper’s muscles are constantly straining against the mattress. This exacerbates tennis elbow, meaning the sufferer will wake in the morning feeling worse than ever.

With memory foam, the mattress shapes itself to the sleeper’s exact body shape and position. This means that the muscles are able to relax throughout the night, no matter how many times the sleeper moves. It also means that the pressure is distributed throughout the body and doesn’t build up in one area, like the elbow.

If you have tennis elbow, get a memory foam mattress, it does help.

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