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The Memory Foam Mattress and Pregnancy


The swelling of both feet and ankles are an expected feature of pregnancy, exacerbated by heat and the increasing pressure that comes with carrying a baby. Swelling also known as Oedema gradually builds as the day progresses, looming as an unpleasant symptom that can only be relieved by elevating the legs. An Ergo Flex memory foam mattress is the ultimate state of luxury and relief to vanquish the burden of swelling that produces a ball and chain around each foot. The symptom of swelling is an undeniable reminder of the extra load that is exerted upon the female body, reinforcing the need to address symptom control and make pregnancy an experience devoted to pride and the anticipation of new birth rather than discomfort.

By lying on a memory foam mattress, the combined weight of both mother and baby is fully absorbed, while blood flow is not challenged by gravity, as afflictions are eased and peace of mind is restored. Memory foam mattresses will become a much relied upon friend that soothes and embraces a fatigued form in a weightlessness that promotes the ultimate conditions for rest and relaxation. The healthcare sector also takes advantage of memory foam mattresses for relieving pressure, reaffirming it as a reliable aid that provides the tender care that an expectant mother requires.

Swelling seems to be exacerbated in the hot summer months, together with a heat intolerance developed in pregnancy; the Ergo Flex’s inbuilt cool-sleep air-flow makes sure that the invitation of an airy, fresh rest is difficult to refuse. The lethargy that also accompanies warm temperatures is combated by the memory foam’s supportive structure. Hot flashes and night sweats are also another symptom of heat during pregnancy, due to the levels of oestrogen and progesterone that are at an all time high. Maintaining a comfortable temperature in pregnancy can be a crucial element of staying healthy and comfortable for your baby, which is always one degree Celsius warmer than that of its mother and with no way of sweating, relies upon its mother to maintain a healthy temperature, which especially important in the first trimester, when a baby’s vital organs are in a crucial stage of development.

Memory foam mattresses seem to be tailored towards the needs of pregnancy. Their convenience within the home means that they are an accessible aid that may serve as a lifeline when navigating a course through the trials that present themselves during a period of intense change. If nothing else a memory foam mattress will dissipate discomfort and promote the best possible environment for rest, which seem to be essential components for the preparation of new life.


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