Water Bed vs Memory Foam


Unless you are a 1980s obsessive then you do not need to be told that memory foam is superior to waterbeds in every single category or measure possible. Unless you still have posters of Billy Idol and Don Johnson on your wall, then you wouldn’t even consider getting a waterbed. Unless you still have a mullet and drink Miami wine cooler, then you would never even consider getting a waterbed when you could be sleeping on the world’s best mattress, a memory foam mattress For the sake of argument, let’s say that you still need persuasion. Ok, here goes.

Waterbeds are unsupportive, they have a terrible orthopaedic reputation and have long been viewed in the industry as being almost as bad as spring beds. They cost money, as they need to be heated. They need special, more expensive sheets. They can harbour absolutely disgusting creatures inside the water. They are incredibly heavy and hard to move. They can make you seasick.

Memory foam, on the other hand, is the most supportive and comfortable mattress material you can buy. It is heat reactive, meaning that it becomes softer as it heats up and it moulds itself to your body, changing as you move. It provides the best night’s sleep, without a doubt.

So, cut your mullet, get some new music, and buy a memory foam mattress.

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