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What is wrong with water mattresses?


Not all mattress materials were created equal. Memory foam, the revolutionary mattress material that was born in the crucible of the space race and uses cutting edge twentieth century chemical synthesis beats its competing mattress materials in every single metric that matters. In this series we will explain how memory foam demolishes the alternatives. In this article we will look at water mattresses.

Unless you are Don Johnson, you probably haven’t slept on a waterbed in years and there is a good reason for that, they are a terrible style of mattress that are expensive to maintain and have a number of health related issues. The key problem in comparison to memory foam, however, is that water mattresses do not provide variable support. As they are a solid filled mass that has viscosity but no elasticity, they cannot adapt to particular body shapes or sleeping positions. They will react the same to a 40 kg child as they would to a 150kg adult, which means that they are no good for either. Memory foam is heat reactive, meaning that it is able to tailor its support and shape to a person’s exact shape and positioning, this means it provides the perfect mirrored cradle for anyone and everyone who sleeps on it.

Like big shoulder pads, the waterbed belongs in the 80s.

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