Will my memory foam mattress smell?


It is impossible to find anything in this world that is one hundred percent perfect. Sure you can come close but the reality is that no matter what, you will always find some slight flaw or imperfection. Same goes for memory foam mattresses. This revolutionary material has changed the way people sleep around the world, giving them nights of incredible comfort and support. It is by far and away the best sleeping material that humanity has ever invented.

However, it does have one small and, fortunately, temporary drawback. For the first few days it may have a particular odour. Some describe it as being like a petroleum or oil smell, though it is not so bad that you cannot sleep on them. The good news is that in no time the smell will have gone and you will have a good ten years of incredible comfort and support.. 

There are a few things you can do to make it disappear quicker.

Remove the outer cover and put in the washing machine. Whilst you are doing this, open the windows and put a bowl of water in the bedroom with a few splashes of vinegar in it - this acts as a deodoriser and will draw any odour lingering in the room.
With 2 hands go round each area of the mattress and depress and 'pump' it a few times to ensure that that air that was drawn in when the vacuum sealed bag was opened is expelled from the mattress - it's this that will carry the residual odour of the newly manufactured foam. Put the machine washed outer cover back on to the mattress and make up your bed.

It's worth noting that there is no point in simply leaving the mattress to air in a room for several days or weeks as this will not improve things - the air around the core of the mattress must be expelled to expedite the complete removal of the smell - this happens naturally for most people by lying on it and with normal use.

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