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A Lilac Lullaby


The Ergo Flex memory foam mattress is treated with an anti-allergenic solution that controls the growth of bacteria, moulds, mildew and fungi, which are all triggers for allergies and asthma. Assured in the knowledge that the Ergo Flex memory foam mattress maintains a hygienic surface for slumber, means that the option remains for lungs to be infused with herbal aromas, rather than dust particles.

A memory foam mattress suspends the body in a weightless state, as it hugs the contours of the body. However, the path to a relaxed sleep also requires the mind to rest, which may be hindered by anxiety or overactive thoughts that spill over into the sacred empire of slumber, as by-products of a hectic day. Lavender, the king of herbal sedatives is considered to be the most essential of all herbal oils. Its various forms, such as candle, incense and lotion are testament to its effectiveness and wide appeal. Lavender can provide respite for a range of ailments. The aroma of lavender is a natural tranquiliser that seems to act as an extension of the dream state, blending waking moments with dreamy calmness by erasing anxiety and improving mood. Lavender also masquerades under the fantastical name; Blue Magic which refers to its numerous benefits as a restorative marvel. Its extraordinary associations also extend to the realms of superstition, where it is said to bring good luck when planted.

As well as external application, lavender can also be internally digested as oil dropped onto a sugar cube or drunk as tea, which are alternative methods when retrieving the plant’s therapeutic affects. Lavender oil is also said to banish migraines when applied to the temples, which can also blight sleep. In a British Study, elderly residents were revealed to sleep better when the room was perfumed with lavender than when given sleeping pills, ultimately showing that nature can take precedence over manmade medicines.
‘I judge that flowers of lavender quilted in a cap/ and worne are good for all diseases of the head/ that come from a cold cause/ and that they comfort the braine very well’. This quote from William Turner in 1551 reveals how lavender eases the mind and has survived as a highly regarded herbal remedy.

An oasis dedicated to rest that is draped in a lilac aroma can be simply achieved by dropping oil onto the pillowcase at night or stuffing a pillow with the plant. Peace and relaxation become a dominant presence, as the mind roams through fields of violet. The soothing aroma can help both the spirit and mind align with the comfort and peace of the body, so that all three are lulled into a synchronised slumber. As part of the mint family, lavender refreshes the mind and body and can also serve as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory that will work in synchronicity with the Ergo Flex memory foam mattress’ hygienic foundation, as well as mirroring the circulatory benefits of the mattress’ supportive structure, when added to a night time bath that stimulates blood flow . Lavender and the Ergo Flex memory foam mattress form a complimentary partnership that induces a quality filled sleep. 


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