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Air Bed vs Memory Foam


Anyone who has spent a night on an air bed knows how awful they are, how uncomfortable and annoying they are to sleep on. The only time you would ever bother is when you are camping. Otherwise, you are just torturing yourself. Seriously, why on earth would you sleep on an airbed when there is the luxurious comfort and support of a memory foam mattress available?

Memory foam is the most incredible material for sleeping on. The reason it is so good is that it is heat reactive. As it heats it gets softer. As your torso is warmer than the rest of your body this means that the bed becomes softer there and your torso sinks in further. This provides you with a perfect mirror of your body, supporting you in the most comfortable way. Even better, as you move during the night, the mattress adapts to your new posture. Then, when you get up in the morning it will spring right back to its factory shape, ready for a new night. As an added incentive, it is hypoallergenic, because it is virtually airtight, meaning all the nasty dust and dust mites that cause allergies can’t find purchase in the mattress.

Air beds, on the other hand, are possibly the least comfortable and supportive mattress type ever. Many people would rather sleep on the ground, which is really saying something!

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