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As Seen On TV, Memory Foam Mattress


You have probably seen the ads for memory foam mattresses, and they have probably made you interested. Could memory foam really be as amazing as it sounds? Could it really be that much better than other types of mattress? The answer is a loud and resonant YES. It really is that good, in fact, it is better than you can imagine. The only way to really know is to buy a memory foam mattress and experience it for yourself.

Memory foam was developed by NASA during the space race. The team of scientists who fabricated it were working on the largest scientific project ever undertaken by humanity: the exploration of space. During their research they made this incredible material that was heat reactive. Its closed cell structure enabled it to mould itself. Body heat makes the material softer, meaning that as you lie on the mattress it begins to mirror your exact body shape and posture. Not only is this incredibly comfortable, it is also amazingly supportive. It is the perfect balance between hedonistic luxury and pragmatic and healthy support.

As well as being the best mattress material for comfort and support, memory foam is also hypoallergenic. The same closed cell structure that allows it to mould to your body also means that no dust and mites can gain purchase in the mattress.

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