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Back Problems and Memory Foam


If you suffer from back problems then you know how important your mattress is. You spend a third of your time on your mattress, making it the most important piece of furniture any of us own. This is even more true for people with back problems, as a mattress can be the difference between ongoing chronic pain and restless nights versus recuperative and fulfilling sleeps with an easing of pain.

Memory foam is the best mattress material for anyone suffering from back pain. The reason for this is quite simple. Memory foam shapes itself to the occupant’s exact form and posture, providing an exact mirror image of your body. This means that your spine can rest in its neutral position all night, rather than having to contort to the mattress. Memory foam will change its form when you change form, meaning that throughout the night, no matter how many times you move, your mattress will be providing you with perfect support and complete comfort.

Most mattresses make you fit their shape, memory foam is heat reactive, meaning that it will fit your exact posture. This means that your spine can stay in its ideal position all night. If you suffer from back pain then you should look into getting a memory foam mattress as it will make a massive difference.

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