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Benefits Of Memory Foam During Pregnancy


By now, most people have heard about memory foam, they know that it is the most comfortable and supportive mattress material available and realise that it can provide them with the best night’s sleep they have ever had. Some will even know a little about its amazing history, that it was created by NASA during the space race as a crash protection material and was then adapted for commercial use, revolutionising the mattress industry.

However, many people do not know that memory foam is hands down the best mattress material for pregnant woman to sleep on. The reason for this is that memory foam will shape itself to any body shape, meaning that it will provide the perfect degree of comfort and support for the pregnant woman. Because memory foam is a heat reactive material it changes firmness depending on the relative heat levels of the sleeper.

This means that it will shape itself perfectly to any body form and posture, giving pregnant women the right amount of support and the necessary comfort. As your body changes throughout your pregnancy, your memory foam mattress will continue to provide the perfect degree of support and comfort.

Memory foam is also non-toxic, hypoallergenic and free of dust mites meaning that it is the healthiest mattress you can sleep on.

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