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Is a Memory Foam Pillow Good For You? 5 Benefits Of A Memory Foam Pillow


When we are asked if a memory foam pillow is good for you, we have a very short answer. Yes!

A memory foam mattress is a great investment into improving your sleep and overall wellbeing. It is ideal for people who suffer from back or neck pain as well as allergy sufferers and snorers.

Memory foam pillows bring all the same benefits to bedtime as memory foam mattresses. They are good for you as they mould to your exact body shape and position, providing the perfect cradle for your head. They offer your head and neck the right amount of support for a comfortable night's sleep as well as being hypoallergenic.  

Read on to learn more about the benefits of a memory foam pillow and why we recommend using them over polyester or cotton pillows.

1. They contour and support our head and neck:

Memory foam pillows have a heat reactive capability, meaning that the pillow will shape itself to your exact head shape and position. This provides the ideal blend of comfort and support, for your head and neck as it prevents your head from tilting on an incline as a normal pillow would which can cause severe pain. This contour and support makes them the best pillow physiologically and psychologically.

2. Memory Foam Pillows keep your spine aligned and improves your posture:

The extra support from a memory foam pillow also has the benefit of keeping your neck and spine aligned. As a memory foam pillow does not let your neck tilt like normal pillows, the steadiness and support of the memory foam keep your neck and spine aligned all night long. This has the benefits of allowing your body to relax while sleeping as well as helping you maintain good posture and prevents long-term pain.

3. Hypoallergenic and dust proof:

Memory foam pillows are hypoallergenic as well as both dust and dust mite proof, making them a far healthier pillow that is ideal for allergy sufferers. Dust and dust mites thrive on the material of regular pillows and are notorious for collecting all kinds of unpleasant deposits. You aren’t able to see it but in only a year, a third of the weight of most other pillow types will be dust and mites.

However, a memory foam pillow is designed with a solid high-density visco-elastic core that prevents and ressits foreign bodies such as dust and dust mites. The memory foam material is made with both anti-allergenic and antimicrobial material.

4. Easy to clean:

Memory foam is one of the easiest materials to clean. Unlike other pillows, your memory foam pillow outer-cover will only need to be cleaned once or twice a year. This is thanks to it’s hypoallergenic and resistant to unpleasant deposits a memory foam pillow keeps a lot cleaner than normal pillows.

To clean a memory foam pillow, you need to remove the outer, washable cover and place it in the washing machine, it’s that simple!

5. May prevent snoring:

A memory foam pillow prevents snoring by opening up your airways. As a memory foam pillow helps align your neck and spine through its superior support, this provides the perfect pillow for snorers as it leaves their airways unrestricted which often is the cause of snoring.

6. Memory Foam Pillows provide pressure-relieving support:

By using high-density memory foam that contours to your head, a memory foam pillow provides pressure-relieving support to your head and neck.

A memory foam pillow works by redistributing pressure evenly which provides the right amount of support needed and relieves pressure from key spots.

Shop our memory foam pillow and experience the difference for yourself

Whether you suffer from neck or back pain, have allergies or are looking to prevent long term health issues, you can’t go past a memory foam pillow.

Our Ergoflex™ HD Memory Foam Pillow is a high-quality pillow that comes with a two year guarantee. We are confident our memory foam pillow will give you your most comfortable and supported night’s sleep yet.

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