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What is the best mattress for teenagers?


What is the best mattress for teenagers?


A question we often get asked is what is the best mattress for teenagers? Having the right mattress for your teenager will help them get the sleep that they need to help their growing bodies and minds. A good night’s sleep fuels the brain and the body, allowing them to succeed and focus at school. 

To help, we’ve put together a helpful guide on what is the best mattress for teenagers, so your teens can get the sleep that they need. 

How much sleep does your teenager need?

According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS), teens aren’t getting enough sleep each night.

A recent study by the AIFS has shown that a significant number of our teens slept less than the recommended minimum for healthy growth, learning and development. The study also found links between those teens who slept less with higher instances of anxiety and depression. It was also revealed that teenagers are at most risk of not getting enough sleep.

The Australian Department of Health recommends that children aged between 5 and 13 years have between 9 and 11 hours of sleep, while adolescents aged 14-17 should aim to get between 8 to 10 hours.

What is the right mattress for your growing teen?

When it comes to choosing the right mattress for your teen, there are a number of different factors that you need to consider. 

Firstly, a mattress needs to be supportive enough to prevent back or neck pain. During this time of development, teenagers do not want to be getting back or neck pain that can affect them now or later in life. A mattress also needs to be made from the right materials so they can have a comfortable sleep night after night. 

When choosing the right mattress, we recommend a memory foam mattress. A memory foam mattress is a great option for growing teens because it provides them with unrivalled comfort and support. Memory foam mattresses are also designed to contour to your body, providing your child with the perfect amount of pressure relief. 

WHAT IS THE BEST mattress firmness for A teenager?

The firmness of your child's mattress is very important especially when it comes to sleeping all night long.

According to the Sleep Foundation, the most popular option for teenagers is medium-firm.

What size bed is best for a teenager? 

As your child reaches their teenage years, they may have had their childhood bed for a while. It is recommended to update a mattress every 10 years, therefore for many teens this is a great time to make the transition to a bigger sized bed. 

Some teenagers may also grow very fast and not even fit their childhood bed anymore. Double or queen size mattresses are the perfect choice for teenagers because they offer a lot of space to stretch out without feeling too spacious. 

However, if your teen’s bedroom is smaller, most teens will sleep comfortably on a king-single sized mattress. 

Is it worth investing in a good mattress for your teen? 

As your teen’s body is growing and changing so much in only a couple of years, it is really important they are receiving their best night’s sleep every night.

Our Ergoflex™ 5-layer memory foam mattress has been made by combining some of the best materials in order to provide an incredibly luxurious and supportive form that will allow your teen to grow in comfort.

When you purchase a new mattress, this mattress will last for 10 years into the future, meaning they will have this mattress for all of their teenage years. Investing in a good mattress at this time is pivotal to support them in their development and well into their early 20’s. 

Finding the right bed for your teen

It's never been easier to experience the Ergoflex™ 5G Memory Foam Mattress. We offer a 30-day trial and fast delivery. We're confident that they’ll love their Ergoflex™ mattress, but if they don't we'll pick it up free of charge from most metro areas.

Our Ergoflex™ 5G Memory Foam Mattress also comes with a 10-Year warranty. Did you know we’re the only mattress-in-a-box brand in Australia that has been in business longer than the warranty period? This means we know our mattress will last the distance. 

Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss all your bedding needs. 

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