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Can I Flip A Memory Foam Mattress?


Can I Flip A Memory Foam Mattress?

We often get asked from our customers, do I need to flip my memory foam mattress? The simple answer to this is no, you should not flip your memory foam mattress.

You may consider it normal to flip your mattress if youused to own a spring mattress as these should be flipped every six months. However a memory foam mattress is vastly different to a simple spring mattress, so the way you care for your mattress is also different.

Read on to discover why you should never flip your memory foam mattress.

Are you supposed to flip a memory foam mattress?

No you are not supposed to flip a memory foam mattress. The reason for this is because a memory foam mattress is designed with the memory foam on the top and a base layer of foam on the underside of the mattress. The memory foam should always be on the top and the base foam should always remain at the bottom.

If you flip a memory foam mattress, the wrong side of the mattress will be on the top and this means you will be sleeping on the bottom side of the mattress. The mattress will be upside down and this will make the mattress less effective and uncomfortable.

Should you rotate a memory foam mattress?

Yes, you should rotate your memory foam mattress.

We recommend that you rotate your Ergoflex™ mattress (head-to-toe) through 180° every month for the first 6 months of ownership and every three months thereafter.

When you rotate your mattress you are taking advantage of all the space that the mattress has to offer and prevents you from wearing down those spots you regularly sleep on. This is what improves the longevity and lifespan of your mattress.

How to rotate your mattress

Before you rotate your mattress, there are a few things you first need to consider.

First, you need to determine how heavy your mattress is and if you need someone to help you. If it is too heavy for you, make sure you ask someone to help you rotate it to prevent injury.

It is also a good idea to clean the area around you before you rotate the mattress. The last thing you need whilst rotating your mattress is to bump into something or knock something over. Before you start, you should consider moving items such as your bedside tables, bookcase or desk out of the bedroom if you feel these may be hazards.

To rotate your mattress, strip the bed clean of any sheets or pillows, then lift the mattress and rotate 180 degrees. If you have a headboard on your bed base, you should move the mattress away from the headboard so it doesn’t interfere.

How often should you rotate a memory foam mattress?

As mentioned above we recommend that you rotate your memory foam mattress every month for the first 6 months of ownership and every three months thereafter. If you wish to rotate it more often, that is acceptable as well.

Make the move to a long-lasting, quality mattress

The truth is that rotating your memory foam mattress can extend its lifespan, however if you really want to have a mattress that lasts, you should invest in a long-lasting, high-quality mattress.

Being the original mattress-in-a-box brand, the Ergoflex 5G Memory Foam Mattress is the only mattress-in-a-box brand that has been in business longer than the warranty period. Because of this, we know that our mattresses last the distance, because they have in the real world. Our customers continue to love our mattresses and their quality, long after they purchase their mattress.

We offer a 10-year manufacturers warranty on all mattresses so you can be sure you can enjoy your mattress for longer.

Purchase the Ergoflex Memory Foam Mattress today.


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