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Children: Latex vs Memory Foam


We all know that humans spend up to a third of their lives in bed, which therefore makes the type of mattress we sleep on incredibly important. However, many of us parents have not thought about how much time our children spend in bed and just how important the mattress type is for them.

Children spend even more time in bed than adults, especially in their teens! This is the time when their bodies are developing and ensuring that they have the right mix of comfort and support is particularly critical in this time. If they spend their first fifteen years on a bad mattress then the long term damage to their posture and skeletal frame could be irreparable.

Latex is an inferior mattress material, it develops ruts and impressions, forcing the sleeper into one position. The open cell structure of latex means that it crushes easily and doesn’t spring back. It is also means that it becomes a haven for dust and mites, which can cause allergies.

Memory foam has a heat reactive capacity, meaning that it moulds itself to the sleeper’s exact body shape and posture, providing perfect support and comfort. The same closed cell structure that gives it this incredible ability also means that it is air tight and therefore stays dust and mite free for its entire life span.

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