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Do You Buy A Double, Queen Or King Mattress?


Do You Buy A Double, Queen Or King Mattress?

Time to buy a new bed, but do you buy a double, a queen or king mattress? Getting the right size is important so it pays to think about it. The last thing you want to do is get it home and realise that you have not got the right size, so here is a quick check list:

1. Room size: Work out how much space you have, you need to have at least half a metre clearance on one side, and preferably more. Don’t forget that doubles, queen and king mattresses are not just different widths, they are different lengths too.

2. Who is going to use it: You need to work out who is going to use it, if it is for a couple, then a double will probably be too small, unless it is just for visitors. If it is for visitors then a double could suffice. If the person using the bed is tall then you will probably want to get a queen or king as double are fairly short.

3. What other beds do you have: It makes sense to buy the same size bed as ones you already own if there are no other limitations, as then you can use the same bedding on all the beds. Having three different sized beds makes it annoying compared to owning three queens.

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