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Help! My Memory Foam Mattress Is Too Firm!


Help! My Memory Foam Mattress Is Too Firm!

If you have a memory foam mattress, you have made the best choice. A memory foam mattress is a great investment as it provides comfort, optimal support and gives you a better sleep.

However, some people find their memory foam mattress a little firmer than they anticipated. If this is you there are ways to ameliorate this, so don’t worry.

Read on to learn what to do if you find your memory foam mattress too firm.

Are memory foam mattresses firm?

Memory foam mattresses are often surprisinglyfirm, especially if you have used a standard spring coil mattress in the past. A memory foam mattress is surprisingly firm because they are designed to provide support to your whole body and relieve pressure.

When purchasing a memory foam mattress it is important to remember this firmness is one of the reasons these mattresses are the best for back pain and provide you such a good night's sleep, so do not stress if your mattress is too firm at the start.

How to make a firm memory foam mattress softer

Most of the time, the reason it is too firm is due to its temperature sensitivity and heat reactive properties. In other words, the qualities that make memory foam the best type of mattress can also cause it to be firm. It is important to understand how it works, as this will ensure you realise why it is firm sometimes.

Some techniques you can use to make it softer include;

1. Ensure your room isn’t too cold
First up, because memory foam is highly sensitive to heat, the ambient temperature can completely change the firmness of your mattress. If you have had a cold spell, this could account for your mattress feeling firm. Use a heater in your room before you go to bed and this will help to soften the mattress up.

2. Try it without the mattress pad or topper
Another thing is that if you use a mattress pad or topper, this could be preventing your body heat from permeating to the memory foam, thus making the bed harder than normal. Try it without the pad to see if that makes it softer. Because memory foam reacts to your body heat, anything that gets in between your body and the memory foam will insulate the mattress, meaning that it will not soften up as much as it would with nothing in the way.

3. Use a mattress topper
In contrast to the above, if you haven’t tried your memory foam mattress with a mattress protector you should try it with a premium mattress protector that provides comfort. This is a great way to add layers to your mattress and help with its firmness. The Ergoflex LIFE TUNDRA mattress protector has intelligent thermoregulation performance to provide a cool night’s sleep and helps improve the mattress's softness.

4. Walk across your mattress
Yes, it may sound unusual to walk on your mattress, but one of the best ways to reduce its firmness is by walking gently on your mattress a few times a day when you first get your mattress. The pressure of you walking on the mattress will help break the mattress in and help it become softer.

Experience the Ergoflex difference

Our memory foam mattress has the ideal combination between providing the right firmness and support with instant comfort and a cool airflow system.

Check out our Ergoflex 5G Memory Foam Mattress and see why our mattress has been rated 5 stars for over a decade.

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