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How To Relieve Back Pain Using A Mattress


If you suffer from back pain then you know how important having a good mattress is to your health and your sanity. Lying on a poor quality mattress is bad news for a bad back as it places strain on your body and exacerbates the problem. Lying on a bad mattress will place your spine in an unnatural position, forcing your back muscles to compensate by trying to get your spine in the optimal position. By making the muscles work all night, you will wake in the morning feeling sorer than ever.

Memory foam shapes itself to your exact contours, moulding through the variable heat pattern of your body. This means that your spine will be in the optimum position, allowing your muscles to relax and giving you a comfortable night’s sleep.

Also, because the memory foam will adjust as you move in your sleep, you know that no matter what position you spend the night in, your muscles will not be straining to keep you comfortable. That is the problem with many other back relief bed techniques, they only work while you are in the same position, if you move, they lose any of their positive effects and can actually be worse than using nothing.

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