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How To Relieve Joint Problems Using A Mattress


Because we spend around a third of our lives in bed, it pays to have a good mattress, this is doubly true for those who suffer from joint problems. Even if you think your mattress is not that bad, it could still be making your pain worse without you even knowing. If you have an old style spring mattress or a standard foam mattress, then chances are, that it is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

The best type of mattress to relieve joint problems is a memory foam mattress. This is because memory foam shapes itself to your body, matching the contours and curves exactly. It is a heat reactive material, so the warmer- and heavier- parts of your body cause it to mould more than the cooler- and lighter- parts of your body. This means that there is far less stress on your body when you sleep on a memory foam bed. Throughout the night the bed will provide total support, no matter if you move or not.

On old style spring mattress or a standard foam mattresses your body has to work throughout the night, trying to ensure that it is comfortable and supported. All this work places undue strain on your joints, making your problems worse.

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