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Memory Foam Mattresses And Arthritis


Arthritis is a terribly debilitating condition that weighs heavily upon its sufferers. The major symptom of arthritis is joint pain due to inflammation, though it can be exacerbated by daily wear, fatigue, exercise and uncomfortable sleeping posture.

The best mattress to sleep on if you have arthritis is a memory foam mattress because it provides the most comfort and support of any mattress type available. Memory foam is heat reactive, becoming more supple as it warms up via your body heat. This means that it moulds itself to your unique body shape and sleeping position, providing the perfect balance between comfort and support.

Because the memory foam shapes itself to your body, it means that your body can rest and relax throughout the night. This means that there is little stress placed on your joints, allowing them a respite from the daily aches and pains. On other mattresses, your body has to strain to maintain the right posture, meaning that you will wake in the morning feeling worse rather than better.

Your bed should be your respite from the pain you suffer, it should not add to it. That is why you need to get a memory foam mattress, it will become a refuge for you.

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