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Pregnancy Perfecting Sleep


Although Ergo Flex memory foam mattresses benefit everyone in their quest to combine sleep with ultimate comfort; the weightless feel enabled by billions of spherical shaped cells may specifically appeal to the pregnant form, whose expanding contours become fully supported. By alleviating the sleep disturbances that commonly blight pregnancy and are caused by hormonal fluctuations, indigestion and a rounder shape; the memory foam mattress will banish the aches acquired throughout the day, while ensuring that the best possible state of rest is achieved, ending the search for a comfortable resting place that will in turn help to improve the experience of pregnancy.

Many women report the urge to take naps during the day, especially in the first and third trimester; the Ergo Flex mattress means that a woman can rest in optimum comfort whenever she pleases, ensuring that she remains well rested. It is commonly advised for pregnant women to lie on their left side, in order increase blood flow and therefore nutrient supply to their baby. As with sprung mattresses, lying in one position during the course of an entire night may lead to discomfort and a need to change positions. However, with the Ergo Flex foam memory mattress, the need for the bulk of pregnancy pillows, used for extra support is minimised. The cool-sleep air flow system feature will also maintain a suitable body temperature and therefore an uninterrupted slumber. Ergo Flex provides the chance to offload the extra weight carried around all day and dedicate the night to an airy, fresh sleep. The Ergo Flex mattress will also aid recovery after pregnancy to make the most of the precious sleep that is clutched, when living with a newborn. By taking advantage of the Ergo Flex’s supportive structure, the crucial months of pregnancy are eased, delivering peace of mind, associated with achieving the recommended amount of sleep that equals good mental health and a de-stressed mother. Conserves of energy will also be built up to ensure the best possible care is available for the presence of a new child. A mattress that hugs both child and mother mimics the nurturing relationship that exists between a mother and child. As the mother naturally cushions her child, the Ergo Flex mattress repeats the process by enveloping the mother in much needed comfort in her remaining months.

Pregnancy can be full of contrasting experiences, whereby excitement and anticipation are accompanied by discomfort and tiredness. However, the Ergo Flex mattress’ ability to eradicate pressure leaves an expectant mother able to enjoy the rest she craves and sleep with dreams filled up by the prospect of new beginnings.

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