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Study Reveals Better Sex On Memory Foam Mattresses


If you don’t know already, memory foam is the best mattress material. Invented by NASA during the space race, it was originally used for the capsule’s interiors as crash cushioning. Realising that it had far more potential, NASA allowed it to be developed for commercial use and now it has become the most popular mattress material in the world. The main reason that memory foam is so darn good is that it is heat reactive, meaning that as your body warms the material up, it becomes more soft and supple, shaping itself to your body and particular posture. It makes a cradle to fit your body, holding you tight and providing the ultimate in comfort and support.

Most people choose memory foam mattresses because of this incredible comfort and support, but there are a number of other benefits derived from owning a memory foam mattress. One of these is that most owners discover that sex is better on a memory foam bed. Talk about an awesome unexpected benefit!

Without going into too much graphic detail, one of the key reasons that memory foam is so good for making Shakespeare’s ‘beast with two backs’ is that the foam provides more traction than other materials. Another is that because it moulds itself to the exact body shape, it enables more positions and exploration than other mattresses.

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